Medi-Dyne Sponsors Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy

Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy Logo

Medi-Dyne Sponsors Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products, a leading producer of innovative pain relief, prevention, and healing products, is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy in their race to Sochi 2014.

Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy is an elite level training destination for speedskaters throughout the world that strives to ensure that its athletes reach their full potential in speedskating and life through mental and physical development. SLI athletes have accounted for 1 Olympic Medal, 8 World Championship Medals, 37 World Cup Medals, 10 National Championships, 2 American Records, and 7 American Cup Championships

“The partnership is a natural fit,” states Craig DiGiovanni of Medi-Dyne. “Medi-Dyne’s family of brands, including 2Toms®, Cho-Pat®, ProStretch®, RangeRoller®, and Tuli’s®, provides a comprehensive selection of products which deliver both immediate relief and long-term healing for pain or injuries along the entire length of the body’s interconnective chain of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. The stretching and strengthening brands will be especially critical for injury prevention.”

About Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is a global company dedicated to providing innovations in pain relief and prevention. Medi-Dyne’s contributions include over sixty patented foot care, knee, blister care, stretching and strengthening innovations.

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