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Chuck Swanson is a runner/athlete born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He runs a couple marathons and 3-6 road races every year, and he intends to run an ultra marathon (50 miles) in the near future. Chuck’s training includes 30-60 miles of running each week, increasing during peak training times.

As a runner, Chuck has suffered many aches and pains. His list includes fighting issues with; iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS or IT Band Syndrome), plantar fasciitis, calf strains and tight calf muscles, as well as Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) issues, to name a few. Chuck was given the opportunity to use and review the RangeRoller, for deep tissue massage therapy. Here is what Chuck said;

“I like the RangeRoller’s ability to help get those sore spots that need a little ‘TLC’. The RangeRoller is easy to use and is easy to take to races, both close and far away. It is easily cleaned up and is compact and effective.

I use the RangeRoller to get to those spots that my foam roller can’t reach or get to. It is a great item to help with this because of the raised pieces [Trigger Treads] that allow for a more ART [Active Release Technique] type therapy. I am able to get out the soreness and muscle trauma spots with ease. I also use the RangeRoller at races to help get my muscles loose and warmed up before my races, in addition to dynamic stretches and jogging/running.

I use the RangeRoller at home, in my car (close local races), and at the hotel/motel (farther destination type races). Outside or inside the product is easy to use, and can be used anywhere you want really.

Man massaging foot with a RangeRoller

The RangeRoller can sometimes pull the hair out of my legs when I use it, but the rewards far exceed the pain!

This product is unique and I didn’t really have anything similar to it. I use a foam roller and the RangeRoller together because they work similar but are great compliments to one another. I was in the market and ready to purchase The Stick and saw a tweet that intervened, the rest is history. I am glad I was able to get the RangeRoller to try and am definitely a fan.

Man massaging thigh with a RangeRoller

I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. I would recommend it because I have ZERO doubts that it has helped me go through my first training cycle for a marathon injury free. I have always encountered some type of injury that has caused me to miss at least a week of training in every marathon I have run (8 total). This training cycle has been different and I have honestly never felt better health wise.

The RangeRoller has helped with my chronic ITBS issues and calf issues. Paired with my foam roller and Bio Freeze, it works hand in hand with getting me out to train and doing it injury free.

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