Running4theMasses Uses Runner’s Relief

Running4theMasses Uses Runner’s Relief

Runner and running blogger, Chad, reached out to Medi-Dyne looking for some tools to help him and fellow runners. Here is what he had to say about the ProStretch Plus, RangeRoller, and StretchRite.

Running4theMasses Product Review

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About a month or so ago, I was reading a running publication, and I stumbled upon a company specializing in a vast spectrum of solutions for pain and injuries, not only for running but also for all aspects of life.  The company was Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products.

After looking at their website and the vast array of products they offered, I wanted to get some more information from them as to the benefits of their products for runners, and how their products might improve my performance and daily quality of life.

I was so happy I contacted Medi-Dyne.

For more information on these products, I highly recommend you check out the Medi-Dyne website for incredible information on all of the products they provide, as well as a Pain Solution Center where you can select the body part/injury that gives you trouble, and Medi-Dyne will give a breakdown of that selection as to causes of the injury, ways to alleviate the injury, and their product solutions to help with recovering from these injuries. It is very insightful and well worth looking at.

After some correspondence back and forth,talking about products and discussing what I thought might be helpful to runners, it was determined that I should look into the Runner’s Relief package and the StretchRite.  That is exactly what I did.

The Runner’s Relief Package:

The Runner’s Relief package is heaven-sent, and comes complete with the ProStretch Plus and RangeRoller.

What an immediate impression it made on me, and most importantly, on my body.  The ProStretch Plus has multiple exercises you can do to help with shin splints, tight calves and hamstrings, Achilles tendonitis, and Plantar Fasciitis.  In the package for the ProStetch Plus, it comes with a nice color pamphlet with complete instructions for the various exercises you can do for the various ailments you might have.

Personally, since I had started a new exercise program, I had started to feel pain shooting through the soles of my feet, and at times, it made it impossible for me to continue working out.  After a few minutes of doing specific exercises on the ProStretch Plus, the pain would subside, and I could continue my workouts.  Without the ProStretch Plus, my workout would be over.  The ProStretch Plus also has worked incredible for me to stretch my calves, hamstrings, and even hip flexors prior to any activities I have done recently, and also stretching after those activities.  The back and forth, or “Teeter-Totter” movement of the ProStretch Plus, make it so easy to use and extremely effective on my muscles, and in the short amount of time you need to use it, it does exactly what it is designed to do.

As for the RangeRoller, I’ve used other self-rolling products before, but I have to say that none have been as effective as the Medi-Dyne RangeRoller.  The design of the RangeRoller is great.  As seen above, you’ll notice the multi-layers of the RangeRoller.  It is so effective with its trigger point threads to get very deep into the muscle and relieve any tightness or soreness you may feel.  I know it has done that for me.  The great thing about the RangeRoller is that you use it on your muscles prior to a workout, and you will feel great throughout your workout.  Medi-Dyne recommends about 20+ rolls of the RangeRoller over the muscles to help warm and stretch them, and it really does that.

Here are 2 great endorsement for the RangeRoller:

First, my wife just finished her 2nd half-marathon, and when she got home, the 1st thing she grabbed was the RangeRoller and she went to work on her legs (calves, quads, hamstrings, shins, even her feet), and she said she felt a great deal of release of tightness she was feeling from running the race.  She did that throughout the remainder of the day, and the next morning, she woke up with very minimal pain/discomfort and almost refreshed.

2nd, my mom has been winning the battle with cancer, but one of the side-affects of her treatments was that she became diabetic, and has been having battles with Neuropathy.  The Neuropathy effects her hands and feet making her loose feeling, etc.  I introduced her to the RangeRoller recently, and she uses it daily on her hands, feet, legs, and she has said that it has helped tremendously with getting blood flowing to her hands/feet, and the Neuropathy has not subsided, but the effects have diminished and she doesn’t get as much of the on-set now having used the RangeRoller.

I highly recommend the  Medi-Dyne products, and know that in the upcoming weeks, I will be purchasing some new shoe inserts to help give me some spring in my step and some new-found energy.  I can’t wait to try either the Gaitors Full Length or the Road Runners.

Thanks for your time!!!

– Chad

Thanks Chad for sharing this with us! Read more about Chad’s Medi-Dyne experience on his blog: Running4thMasses.

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