The Many Benefits of Multi-Layer Massage Therapy

Lady Massaging leg with a RangeRoller

One of the best ways of recovering from an extensive workout is multi-layer massage therapy. It not only feels great, it provides several tangible benefits to your body as well. Whether you have it performed by a professional or you use a massage therapy roller, it’s vital to your ability to recuperate and be ready for your next exercise session.

Relieving Stress and More

Multi-layer massage therapy helps to eliminate scar tissue that may have accumulated after previous injuries. If your muscles are stressed, oxygen and nutrients can’t get to where they need to be. As a result, inflammation allows toxins in your muscle tissue to build up, contributing to a great deal of pain. A deep massage loosens the muscles, thus breaking up and releasing those toxins. Once this happens, blood is allowed to circulate freely, providing your muscles with essential nutrients.

If you have tension and knots in your muscles, multi-layer massage therapy can work them out. However, in order to enjoy all the benefits of this reinvigorating, refreshing experience, you also need to employ correct posture and use other relaxation techniques.

Relief is Within Your Grasp

You could spend hundreds of dollars or more to have a professional take care of your massage or you can get the RangeRollerfrom Medi-Dyne for a fraction of the cost. This massage therapy roller benefits not only the upper and lower layers of muscles, but also the connective tissue. Maintaining the health of the inter connective chain is vital to your ability to get the most out of your workout regimen, and the RangeRoller, we believe, offers the deepest available massage from a roller.

Among the many benefits provided by the RangeRoller include:

  • Increased range of depth
  • A variety of sizes
  • Increased range of motion that maximizes performance while minimizing muscle fatigue

Check out our full collection of massage rollers or call us at 1-800-810-1740 if you would like to learn more about this product. Watch the video below to see the RangeRoller in action.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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