Welcome to the Medi-Dyne Blog

Welcome to the Medi-Dyne Blog

Welcome to the Medi-Dyne Blog. We cover anything from your Interconnective Chain to how stretching and strengthening can help you to prevent pain and injury. Come back each Wednesday to see what new information we have found on physical therapy, athletic training, podiatry, running, health and fitness.  Feel free to send us any questions you may have or topics you would like to see covered.

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Tuli's HammerRx Toe Straightener
Medi-Dyne Introduces Tuli’s® HammerRx™

Medi-Dyne, a leading producer of innovative pain prevention “Products that Keep People Moving™”, announces the introduction of the Tuli’s® HammerRx™ Support Strap.
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Injured Athlete
How Being Injured Can Affect Your Mental Health

If you’re fortunate enough to call yourself an athlete, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll get hurt. While we have a tendency to...
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2Toms SportShield Chafing and Blister Prevention
5 Best Anti-Chafing and Blister Prevention Products

If you have experienced chafing and blisters you know how painful those can be and how easily you can go from having a great day to a not so great one. If you are a runner, you know how much of a problem blisters and chafing can be...
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