Advanced Shoulder Solution


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You Save 15% ($14.98)

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Advanced Shoulder Solution

Many shoulder injuries are caused by activities that involve excessive, repetitive overhead motion, which can shorten some muscles. These shortened muscles, combined with a loss of muscle elasticity, can cause an unexpected motion to result in a strain or a tear.

The Advanced Shoulder Solution includes the essentials for immediate relief and long-term healing:

Step 1: Immediate Relief

FOR SUPPORT - Cho-Pat® Upper Arm Strap 

  • Prevents the pulling and tearing of tendons and muscles in the upper arm.
  • Absorbs and diffuses stress.
  • Dynamic Pain DiffusionTM absorbs and disperses the pain-causing forces and reduces inflammation.

Step 2: Long-Term Healing

FOR DEEP STRETCHING - StretchRite® Stretching Strap 

  • The patented system is ideal for stretching and conditioning every major muscle group in your body.
  • Stretches tight shoulder muscles.
  • Delivers a variety of integrated stretches to prevent “chain reaction” injuries due to muscle compensation.
  • Ergonomically-shaped handgrips make it simple to adjust tension during the stretch.

FOR MASSAGE - ProStretch® Pro Stick Massage Roller

  • Uses three different gear types that allow you to choose whether your massage feels soft, medium, or pinpoint to get the pain relief you need.
  • Penetrate muscles more effectively than traditional flat massage rollers.
  • Each gear is made with our Skin Surface Technology (SST) to accurately allow the massage gear to connect with the skin and fascia.
  • The red gear allows you to reach hard-to-get-to areas or adds intensity to your massage.



      What are the plastic things on the StretchRite for?

      The plastic pieces of the StretchRite are the handles you hold while stretching. They are designed to be easy to grip and allow for progressive stretching programs. You can increase your stretch by advancing to the next hand grip position.


      What exercises can be done with StretchRite?

      The product manual (provided with purchase) includes exercises and an instructional video is available online. You can find both of these on our Videos and User Guides page.


      Is StretchRite adjustable for different heights?

      The StretchRite has adjustable buckles at the end of the handles to allow for customizable length.