Cho-Pat® Wrist Support™

Size Guide
Size Guide: Cho-Pat Wrist Support

The Cho-Pat Wrist Support is available in five sizes for a more accurate fit and targeted pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.  When sizing, it is best to measure the circumference of the wrist.  If between sizes, it is suggested that you order the smaller sized wrist support.

Wrist Support Sizes

Extra Small

 5.5 in – 6 in;        14-15 cm.


 6 in – 6.5 in;        15-17 cm.


 6.5 in – 7 in;        17-18 cm.

Extra Large

 7.5 in – 8.5 in;     19-22 cm.

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The Cho-Pat® Wrist Support™ diminishes stress and pressure caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprained, or weak wrists.

Measuring Instructions:
Measure Circumference of Wrist
Note: If you are between sizes, we suggest you order the smaller size.

Targeted Support

  • Unique pressure pad provides targeted support
  • Provides precise pain relief while allowing flexibility

Lasting Comfort

  • Breathable alternative to neoprene
  • SoftActionTM fabric provides lasting comfort

The Cho-Pat Wrist Support diminishes stress or pressure incurred at the hand and wrist that could telescope up the forearm and lead to forearm tendonitis or tennis elbow.

It uses compression around the wrist to lessen the impact on the basic forearm muscle group at their junction in the wrist and hand.

Want immediate relief? 

Cho-Pat® products provide unprecedented support to deliver immediate relief.

The Cho-Pat® Wrist Supportprovides immediate relieffrom

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Weak Wrists