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2Toms® Skin-on-Skin® 1" Squares, Jar of 200


UPC 038016112004

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Blister Prevention and Treatment

2Toms® Skin-On-Skin® brand incorporates advanced formula hydrogel to provide long-lasting protection and flexibility second only to your own skin.

Soothing Protection

Skin-On-Skin® provides superior cushioning and friction reduction and resists sweating and rubbing.  Skin-On-Skin also hydrates and softens the skin, bringing instant relief for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone with skin irritation. Soothe blisters, chafing and stings instantly with Skin-on-Skin!

Skin-on-Skin is ideal for treating:

• Blisters

• Minor dermal abrasions

• Activity related skin irritations

• Chafing

• Poison ivy

• Insect bites and stings

Re-sealable Packaging

2Toms Skin-On-Skin is packaged in re-sealable jars and is available in 2 convenient sizes.

How do I keep the 2Toms Skin-on-Skin pads on?

2Toms Skin-on-Skin is best kept in place by an adhesive bandage, medical tape, or athletic tape.

How long do 2Toms Skin-on-Skin pads last?

The 2Toms Skin-on-Skin pad can last up to 24 hours and should be replaced daily.

How do you apply 2Toms Skin-on-Skin pads?

The 2Toms Skin-on-Skin pad is applied by removing the blue piece film cover and then placing the pad directly on the blister or hot spot. Secure the pad in place with an adhesive bandage, medical tape, or athletic tape.