RangeRoller™ Original 19"

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RangeRoller™ is the innovative mulit-layer therapy roller with a range of possibilities.RangeRoller’s exclusive Trigger Treads enable you to reach deep-massaging both outer and inner layers of muscle and connective tissue to increase circulation, relieve knots, warm muscles, eliminate scar tissue and improve overall performance.

Use the RangeRoller™ anytime you feel:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Spasms or cramps
  • Tension
  • Soreness

Innovative Design

RangeRoller’s non-slip grip handles and light-weight design enhance control, prevent muscle fatigue and maximize roller performance.

Ideal for Athletes

The RangeRoller is a massage therapy tool that is designed to allow you to give yourself a more effective deep tissue massage. It is especially well suited for athletes of all ability levels who are prone to repetitive stress injuries due to their relatively constant training routines. The deep tissue massage that the RangeRoller provides helps athletes to prevent injuries, aids in their recovery from stress workouts and increases blood flow to any injured areas.


The RangeRoller is designed to simulate the effects of a personal massage in a private setting but without the high cost!

Pick your favorite color and size

The RangeRoller is available in 12 colors. Customize your RangeRoller to match your team, club, country, or favorite color combinations.

Three unique sizes allow you to pick the product that best suits your needs:

The Original 19" – Medium stiffness and convenient size make it perfect to take anywhere.

Pro 16” – The firmest in the line provides the deepest penetration for those who need a little extra.

XL 25” – The longer size makes this the right choice for backs and legs.

RangeRoller - your massage solution for pain:

  • Back
  • Calves
  • Quads/IT Band
  • Shoulders
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip Flexors
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    Lindsay W.

    The range roller is amazing!

    I love it! It works out my muscles without too much pressure. I feel loose pre and post run. I love how the handle is grippy as well. The length is perfect to teach different muscle comfortably. I have truly enjoyed it.

    Anthony L.
    Australia Australia

    Due to my sports injuries, I have had Frozen shoulder (Shoulder pain) and plantar fascia (Heel pain) for over a year and I had tried other products and services, the results were not economical. Once I got the RangeRoller sticks - it works like magic - the relief from pain to relax and happy muscles just almost see instantly. My previous collection including 5 other leading brands massage sticks and your products seem to be the best-fitted and out performance. I like the concepts of your RangeRoller Multi-Layer Muscle Massage sticks are made and love your company culture - customer orientation.”

    Diane H.

    The range roller was a great way to wind down from a run. I love the color, and that it is light-weight and easy to use. I typically used this product at home right after a run or late at night while watching TV and winding down. My boyfriend, who doesn’t run, also LOVED the product and how great it felt on his muscles.

    Emelia C.

    I have the 19? and it is smaller and less awkward than other sticks I have used. The size is perfect for me to really apply some pressure and hit key areas. I also love that they come in an assortment of colors.

    Rona L.

    I really like this roller! I had tried the “Stick” and many of the trainers have it, but the fact that this has a few larger rings to dig deeper into the muscle fiber is a bonus. This is a good travel size and I travel to my client’s homes and offices. I use it to help with recovery from injuries, as well as keeping them limber after warm-ups and exercises.

    What are the differences between the RangeRoller Original, Pro, and XL?

    The RangeRoller Original (19 inches) is somewhat flexible and provides a medium firmness. It is perfect for all over muscle massage yet is small enough to travel with.

    The RangeRoller XL(25 inches) is also flexible and provides a medium firmness. It is great for larger muscle groups which can be difficult to reach including back, glutes, and legs.

    The RangeRoller Pro (16 inches) is the smallest and least flexible which provides the deepest and firmest massage for dense muscles such as calves and thighs.


    Do the colors on the RangeRoller mean anything?

    No, the color options allow you to customize your RangeRoller to match your team, club, country or favorite color combinations. You may order in any color combination of the listed colors.