Tuli's® Energy Tracks™


UPC 038016102135

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On your feet all day?  Need extra support that puts a spring back into your step?  

Tuli's® Energy Tracks will do the trick!

Tuli's® Energy Tracks™ combine waffles and TuliGEL™ to provide shock absorption from heel to toe.  With a thicker heels for added heel strike protection and heightened medial and lateral edges for stability, Energy Tracks are the perfect insole to put a spring back into your step.

Easy trim-to-fit sizing take the guesswork out of insole replacement.

Can I trim Tuli's Energy Tracks to fit inside my shoe?

Yes, they can be trimmed for a better fit. Simply trace current shoe insole and cut with scissors.

Are Tuli's Energy Tracks used as replacement insoles?

They can be used as replacement insoles or can be placed on top of the original shoe insole. You will need to decide which is most comfortable.