Soft Moves™ for Heel


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Make any shoe, sandal, or pair of heels more comfortable with Soft Moves™ Adhesive Gel Pads...

The self-adhering, shock-absorbing, transparent gel pads that can be worn with any shoe.


Makes Any Shoe More Comfortable

Flip-flops. Strappy Stillettos. Summer Sandals. No matter what shoes you put on your feet Soft Moves™ Adhesive Gel Pads will make them more comfortable.


Provides Transparent Comfort Right Where It's Needed

Made from clear, shock-absorbing Fixigel, Soft Moves™ stick directly to the foot or shoe to absorb impact and provide soft, cushiony comfort exactly where it's needed.  
Because fixigel itself is adhesive in nature it can be moved from foot to shoe and still remain in place without falling, sliding or moving. There's no messy, one-use adhesives.  Soft Moves™ can be used over and over - where ever and whenever you need them.


The Perfect Year-Round Shoe Accessory
Soft Moves™ are a natural for summer but sandals and open-toed shoes are worn year-round, so don't be left out in the cold with uncomfortable shoes comfort is never out of season. Equip every pair of your shoes with the comfort of Soft Moves™.

Extra Comfort Where You Need It The Most

Soft Moves™ Heel Pads provide extra cushioning and shock absorbtion for the part of your foot carrying most of the weight - your heels.

Customer Reviews

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Do I stick Tuli's SoftMoves on my shoe or foot?

SoftMoves may be placed on either your foot or your shoe.

Can Tuli's SoftMoves be moved from shoe to shoe?

We recommend having separate pairs for each shoe. The natural adhesive works very well and is best if kept in the same shoe and not moved from pair to pair.