Holiday Wellness - Foot & Shoe Odor

Treat your stinky shoes to a new life!

This 2Toms StinkFree & FootShield kit will fight odor on shoes and feet!

2Toms FootShield

Keep your feet dry!

100% Guaranteed! FootShield™ is a perspiration barrier for your feet and helps keep them dry and odor free!   A blend of natural anti-fungal, ingredients and moisturizers reduce and prevent sweaty feet, the growth of bacteria, athlete’s foot, blisters, and smelly shoes.

FootShield™ works instantly to dry your feet and keep them dry.  FootShield™ dries clear, dries quickly, will not rub off and has a fresh scent. 

StinkFree® Shoe & Gear Spray

The Odor Eliminator

Stink Free® Shoe & Gear Spray is guaranteed to remove, not mask, all odors caused by sweat left in your shoes, boots, gear, gym bags, pads/guards, gloves, lockers, etc.  Our technically advanced formula cleans the pores that trap the odor in shoes and gear.  Stink Free Spray has no perfume in it’s formula, therefore it leaves behind no smell once dry.

Stink Free Spray is safe to use on canvas, leather, satin, and denim shoes.  To avoid sweat-induced eye contact, do not spray inside helmets, ball caps, or headgear.