Ankle Pain

Because your ankle bears the weight of your entire body, it is often prone to pain and injury.  Ankle pain can be felt on the inner portion of the ankle, on the outer portion, along the Achilles tendon, and even near the upper portion of the foot.  Ankle pain causes are typically easy to treat, but sometimes take some time to resolve.  This is why it is important to understand the ankle pain symptoms and causes, so that you can begin treatment immediately.  Learn how to prevent ankle pain with advice from Medi-Dyne.  We also have ankle pain exercises that can help ease your pain.

Ankle Pain Causes

Anyone can experience ankle pain, whether they are very active or not.  Some of the most common of those causes include:

  • Ankle Sprain – This occurs when the joint of the ankle suddenly becomes forcefully twisted or bent, causing the ligaments to stretch or tear.  This is common in individuals who play sports but could happen to anyone while walking down the street.
  • Weak Ankles – Ankles become weak due to a variety of causes.  They may be hereditary, occur do to over-use, excessive body weight, or as the result of a previous injury.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – Achilles tendonitis is a condition that affects the Achilles tendon and often causes pain at the back of the ankles.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and often causes the ankle to become inflamed and weak.

Ankle Pain Symptoms

Ankle pain symptoms can range from occasional aches and pains which are often treatable at home, including:

  • Pain in the ankle while walking, running, jogging, or jumping

To more severe pain:

  • Redness around the ankle
  • Swelling or inflammation of the ankle
  • A dull pain that is present, even when immobile
  • The inability to walk up or down stairs

Be sure to see your doctor if you have any question about your ankle pain or if symptoms get worse.

Ankle Pain Treatment

When you’re in pain what you really want is relief.  Often immediate relief is only part of the solution.  That’s why stretching and strengthening provide the long-term solution that will keep you pain free and at peak performance.

Immediate Relief


  • Cho-Pat® Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve- Helps alleviate pain caused by tendonitis, ligament weakness, instability, arthritis, and overuse syndromes.
  • Tuli’s® Cheetahs– Cheetahs provide the ultimate relief for athletes and other individuals who put an intense amount of pressure on their feet, providing greater support and more comfort.


  • Tuli’s® DiamondBacks- Unites a cushioned waffle gel with effective arch support to create the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Long-Term Healing

Stretch and Strengthen

  • ProStretch Plus™ – The ProStretch Plus offers an advanced method for stretching the muscles that support the ankles, giving the area a more effective stretch, while reducing the amount of stretch-related injuries.