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Size Guide
Size Guide: Cho-Pat Tennis Elbow Support

The Cho-Pat Tennis Elbow Support is available in four sizes for a more accurate fit and targeted pain relief from tennis elbow.  When sizing, it is best to measure the circumference of the upper forearm.  If between sizes, it is suggested that you order the smaller sized tennis elbow strap.

Tennis Elbow Support Sizing


 9 in – 10.5 in;     23-27 cm.


 10.5 in – 12 in;   27-30 cm.


 12 in – 13.5 in;   30-34 cm.

Extra Large

 13.5 in – 15 in;   34-38 cm.

- +

The Cho-Pat® Tennis Elbow Support™ with Dynamic Pain Diffusion™ is designed to secure and support forearm muscles that are over-exercised or strained during athletic, leisure, or work activities.

Targeted Support

  • Dynamic Pain Diffusion™ absorbs and disperses the pain-causing forces to relieve stress and reduce inflammation.
  • Delivers targeted forearm support
  • Disperses pain-causing forces
  • Reduces vibration and stress
  • Decreases inflammation

Comfortable and Adjustable

  • Unique, reinforced pressure pad molds to your forearm for the perfect fit
  • SoftAction™ material is fast drying, durable, and comfortable.

Proven effective for Repetitive Gripping Activities

  • Bowling
  • Baseball
  • Tennis or racquetball
  • Gardening
  • Carpentry
  • Other activities where one repeatedly extends the arm and then applies force.

Want immediate relief?

Cho-Pat products provide unprecedented support to deliver immediate relief. The Cho-Pat Tennis Elbow provides immediate relief from Tennis Elbow.

Measure Circumference of Upper Forearm
Note: If you are between sizes, we suggest you order the smaller size.

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What is the difference between Cho-Pat Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow?

Cho-Pat Tennis elbow is discomfort usually located on the outside of the forearm. The Cho-Pat Tennis Elbow Support is very effective in supporting the forearm tendon and muscles when performing the repetitive gripping motions that occur in activities such as tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, racquetball, gardening, or carpentry. It also helps support the muscles and relieve elbow pain while participating in activities where the arm repeatedly extends and then applies force.

Cho-Pat Golfer’s elbow is discomfort usually felt on the inside of the forearm. Designed in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, the Cho-Pat Golfer’s Elbow Support applies sufficient pressure to the upper forearm to help stabilize the forearm muscle group. This action minimizes stress on the muscles and tendons, helps alleviate golfer’s elbow pain and discomfort, and assists in healing.


How wide is the Tennis Elbow strap?Does it vary between sizes?

The strap is 2 inches wide. The width does not vary by size, however, the length does vary by size.


What is best way to clean Cho-pat items?

Hand wash with mild detergent and luke warm water. We recommend 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent. Rinse well and air dry.