Addaday® Type X2 Stick Massage Roller with Footy Massage Ball


UPC 038016024048

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The ultimate massage experience the ProStretch Addaday Footy massage ball and the Type X2 stick massage roller. Both massagers provide a deep tissue massage on targeted areas and can be used on other areas of your body, making it the perfect team to tackle those stubborn muscle knots. 

The Footy Massage Ball

Designed with your feet in mind, the Footy ball features tiny knobs to connect deeply with the Plantar Fascia and provide relief for both tightness and soreness. The Footy is a great companion to the Type X2 Stick Massage Roller and although designed for your feet, it can be used on your legs, arms, back, and other affected muscles.

The Type X2 Stick Massage Roller 

The Type X2 massage roller provides relief for tense, tired, and sore muscles with its massage gears. the blue gear is made with our Skin Surface Technology (SST) which adds a softer touch and grabs at the Fascia better. The black gears without SST glide and give a hard feeling to your massage.