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Ambassadors are selected based on their positive attitudes, commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the incredible ways in which they relate to their followers. To Join our ambassador team CLICK HERE to apply and for more information.




Joaquin P

Joaquin Pérez

“I love running in the mountains, I'm an outdoor enthusiast.” I really love the Dynamic Duo Foam Roller Kit, it is totally essential for my recovery after long days in the mountains, I totally recommend it.



Soldier & Ultrarunner

Soldier and Ultrarunner 

I run because running means relaxation and self-confirmation. The 2Toms sport shield is an amazing product. #SportShield stays on for hours and hours thru sweat and even water. Outstanding product for Long or Short Run. 



Sherry C

Sherry C 

My name is Sherry and I'm a mom of 2 kids from the Tacoma, WA area. I first started running as a young child with my parents and siblings and have continued to run now as an adult, getting back into it more after I had my daughter in 2013. Running has always brought me so much joy, it's my "me time" when I can unwind and relax, and it allows me to set goals for myself and show my kids that living an active lifestyle can (and should) be fun!

My favorite Medi-Dyne product is definitely 2Toms SportShield. I suffer from painful chafing on my under arms and after trying so many other products that didn't work, I'm so thankful I finally found 2Toms SportShield because it REALLY WORKS! For the stretching and recovery side of things, I would definitely recommend the ProStretch Calf and Foot Stretcher as well as the Massage Roller. Both are great for stretching and massaging those lower leg muscles that get worked so hard during running. Happy running!



Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble 

I love running for a plethora of reasons, none of which is more important than what it teaches me about myself. When I am deep into an ultramarathon and wanting to give up, I have to turn inward to my motivations in order to overcome major obstacles and achieve my goals. Running has made me a better man and taught me that even when things look grim, the tide will turn around if you persevere through the low moments!

My three favorite Medi-Dyne products are the 2Toms SportShield to keep my body chafe-free, Tuli's gel heel cups to keep my feet comfortable while I'm running, and the Addaday Pro-Stick Massage Roller to promote healing and recovery after I'm done running!



Charlie Coach "Choo"

Charlie “Coach Choo” Justice

A runner for over 45 years I enjoy both the competitive and social aspects of running as well as the health benefits. I’ve competed in USATF championship events as well run in major events such as the Boston Marathon and Atlanta Peachtree Road Race. As a track & xc coach I’ve shared my experiences and knowledge of running with others for over 30 years. My greatest joy is seeing others succeed in meeting their running goals, and especially enjoy when the athletes I've helped become lifelong runners.

Using the Featherweight Foam Roller is my favorite pre-workout and post-workout routine. I can loosen up my muscles, work out the kinks before a run. Afterwards a few minutes on the roller speeds my recovery so I am not sore the next day. Of course, the 2Toms anti-chafing products are must when doing long runs!




Diego N Marquez

With a love for endurance and challenging himself physically and mentally, in 2016 he set out to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an IRONMAN! What began as a dream, turned into a hobby and quickly became a lifestyle. With 10+ IRONMAN events under his belt, he’s excited to continue his journey through endurance racing along 2TOMS for the many chafe/blister free seasons to come!!




Guy M. Petruzzelli 

Running to me is freedom. It is a constant reminder of exploration, freedom, excitement and joy that I felt as a kid. Running keeps me young, it keeps me exploring, it keeps me constantly appreciating the ability and gift that I have been given - the ability to run.

The Addaday Nonagon foam roller. Its equal parts firm and padded. When I use it, I know I'm getting deep muscle relief that I need. Its size makes it extremely portable, allowing me to take it anywhere I go. Having this versatile tool is a staple for my recovery. Its my immediate go to post workout or for maintenance with mobility.





Lindsay Walter 

I love running because it makes me feel empowered, strong and beautiful. All of the finish lines I've crossed have shown and inspired me to always work hard, dream big dreams and that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. Running is such a healthy outlet for me that I look forward to every single time. I enjoy the thrill of pushing my limits on the track feeling exhausted at the end as much as an easy long run. The feeling makes me feel so alive. I am so thankful to be a runner and for all it has brought to my life.

I know the importance of recovery to keep running and competing strong so focus a lot on that and staying healthy. I would definitely recommend the Stretch Rite Rope, Range Roller and Foam Roller.



Ambassador Kristy

Kristy Winn 

I was once told I “didn’t have enough determination to do an Ironman”....and that is where it started. I didn’t know what an Ironman was, but I signed up, then learned it was 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running. I had never run a 5k before. I did 3 races to train (sprint, Olympic and half Ironman), and from there, realized that anything less than 15 hours is manageable. Now - I just love the way I feel during and after a good run. It might be a slow long run shared with friends as we chat away the miles, or maybe it’s a silly adventure run one of my friends thought would be a good idea and I just go along with it - because ‘why not?’. Perhaps it’s a race I’ve trained for and honestly - I enjoy the journey to get to the race as much as the race itself! I love the community running has brought close to me and provided me the tribe I train with, laugh with, and become a better version of me each time I see them.

I cannot live without SportShield. Living in the humid climate - I’m bound to sweat and where there is sweat and movement, there’s bound to be chafe if not properly shielded. I require the ProStretch prior to and after a run. I have tight calves and with using it, I’ve been able to prevent injury. Then there is Core Stretch - when I use this tool - my hamstrings and lower back are grateful! I cannot forget the PRO STICK! This is by far THE BEST massage stick I have ever owned. I’ve actually gotten rid of 2 other massage sticks/rollers since obtaining this one. For those times when it isn’t just running I’m doing....the Cho Pat Tennis Elbow brace has really helped me since my son has decided to take up tennis now too and we were going to hit balls for hours on end...



Ambassador Todd

Todd Chandler 

I started running 25 years ago as a healthy way to commute to work. I signed up for the 1995 Chicago Marathon after a buddy challenged me to run it with him. I struggled through that race, but when I crossed the finish line, it was one of my coolest achievements. I'd run farther than I ever had before, and I was so inspired by all the support from spectators, volunteers, and fellow runners. That was the seed to keep pushing to run farther and to cheer, volunteer, and support other runners who are challenging themselves. Today, I run on trails whenever I can, and I'm always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Medi-Dyne is an ideal partner in helping me run farther and support others who challenge themselves since their mission is to keep people moving. They have me covered - from braces, compression sleeves, foot support, and muscle recovery, to blister and chafing prevention. I love the quality of their products and their constant quest for improvement. My favorite Medi-Dyne product is 2Toms Blistershield. That stuff is magic, and I use it on all my long runs.




Nicole Kimball

I love running because of the time and strength it gives me. Being solo on the trails with my music, or just my thoughts, always leaves me feeling refreshed. I'm most obsessed with the 2Toms BlisterShield. I've been using it continuously for the last 4 years and it has kept me blister free! Even for ultramarathons, even in the rain, it can't be beat!




Jennifer DiCiesare

Trail running has saved my life a few times over. I love traveling long distances on foot (ultra running, fast packing, and backpacking) more than any other activity. I’m also a momma to a sweet little boy who entered this world 3 months early, is autistic (as am I), and has many other special needs. Here again logging miles in the mountains saved (and continues to) my life and sanity. Life with a preemie/special needs kid is a bit difficult but we manage. I love sharing my adventures with my little man. I’ve learned lots of moms want to adventure but are afraid or don’t know where to start when it comes to adding a wee one. I hope in sharing my stories (about life in general and my adventures) that other moms can learn and hopefully realize it’s not that scary (and even fun and therapeutic!).

My Favorite Medi-Dyne Products are 2Toms For Her SportShield Roll On and Wipes. I love that I can apply once and go hours on hours without reapplication - which means I don't have to always carry extra. When I do need to bring extra with me the wipes are perfect due to their small portable size and the fact that I can easily get 2 full body applications out of one wipe!


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