Runner's Knee

Runner’s knee is a condition in which the cartilage directly underneath the knee cap becomes damaged, causing pain and discomfort. Because that cartilage naturally plays the role of “shock absorber”, it takes a beating when individuals participate in activities such as running or jumping. See our runner’s knee exercises to learn more.

Runner’s Knee Causes

There are many factors that play a part in developing runner’s knee. Individuals who repeat movements such as jumping or running are among those at the highest risk for suffering runner’s knee symptoms. Some runner’s knee causes include:

  • Injury – Having an injured kneecap, such as a fracture or a dislocation, can cause a lot of pain and is often linked to runner’s knee.
  • Overuse – Repetitive use of the knee joint is another of the most common runner’s knee causes. Many times, this is due to running or jumping sports.
  • Muscle Control – If the muscles surrounding the knees or hips are not functioning properly, it puts added stress on the kneecap, resulting in runner’s knee symptoms.
  • Life – Life in general is one of the most common runner’s knee causes.  Aging, a person’s gender, and the lifestyle they lead are all factors that may contribute to the condition.

Runner’s Knee Symptoms

Some common runner’s knee symptoms include:

  • A dull pain in the knee, typically in the front. It often worsens over time but will not start out as a sharp pain.
  • Difficulty and discomfort walking up and down stairs.
  • Increasing pain when you kneel or squat.
  • Pain when you stand up from sitting with your knees bent.

Sometimes you might feel some runner’s knee symptoms and be able to take care of it on your own with some stretching or massage tools from Medi-Dyne.  In other instances, you will need to pair your stretching exercises with a visit to the doctor, in order to get the best treatment possible.

Runner’s Knee Treatment

Immediate Relief


  • Cho-Pat® Original Knee Strap™ – The Cho-Pat Original Knee Strap allows athletes to remain in the game, providing them with mobility, comfort, and support. The Original Knee Strap stabilizes and tightens the kneecap mechanism. This strap can be used to reduce pain, improve tracking, and is doctor recommended for over 30 years.
  • Cho-Pat® Dual Action® Knee Strap – The Dual Action Knee Strap delivers support both above and below the knee.  The dual support provides Dynamic Pain Diffusion to reduce the amount of force that is placed on the knee, decrease the chance of misalignment or displacement, and improve tracking.


Long-Term Healing


  • StretchRite®  StretchRite is a tool that offers relief for the entire body through more effective stretching techniques. StretchRite stretches tight leg muscles, delivers a variety of integrated stretches to prevent "chain reaction" injuries due to muscle compression, and its ergonomically-shaped hand grips make it simple to adjust tension during the stretch.


  • Physical Therapy – Runner’s knee treatment will often include some sessions with the physical therapist. They may recommend the use of tools such as StretchRite or ProStretch Massage Rollers, but they will also instruct you on exercises you can do on your own to relieve the pain of runner’s knee.