Sweat and Odor

Sweat is moisture the body produces through the pores of the skin, usually as a response to exposure to heat and humidity. Perspiration can become uncomfortable at times due to excess, or when it gets in the way of an activity or performance.

Sweat can often lead to bad odor. Odor is a distinctive smell that can become very unpleasant. It is generally caused by a build-up of bacteria found in sweat, among other things. It is important to prevent, and control sweat in certain body parts to be able to live and do activities more comfortably. It is also important to treat and eliminate odors from the items that get sweaty to maintain their durability.

Sweat and Odor Causes

Sweat and Odor can make an enjoyable activity become uncomfortable and even ruin performance during a competition or activity. Knowing what causes sweat and odor can help you seek the proper treatment:

  • Sweat is typically caused by the skin’s reaction to humidity, heat, and body temperature. Excessive sweating in unusual situations can be caused by hyperhidrosis which usually is felt in the body’s extremities such as hands and feet.
  • Odor is typically caused by bacteria found in sweat that develops smell when built up or kept in the body or on any item for a prolonged time. It is caused in items such as shoes, sports gear and technical fabrics. Often, these items don’t get proper cleaning, or the bacteria stays in them even after trying to clean them

Sweat and Odor Treatment

Understanding that sweat is a natural factor that the body produces is important. However, being able to control or reduce sweat when needed is vital to feeling more comfortable, happy, and performing better during activities and competitions.


Prevention and Control

  • 2Toms® FootShield® – Is a perspiration barrier for your feet and helps keep them dry and odor free! It’s a blend of natural anti-fungal ingredients and moisturizers that reduce and prevent sweaty feet, the growth of bacteria, athlete’s foot, blisters, and smelly shoes. FootShield™ works instantly to dry your feet and keep them dry, dries clear, dries quickly, will not rub off and has a fresh scent.
  • 2Toms® GripShield® - Works instantly to dry your hands and keep them dry and will not rub off. It enhances your ability to grip during physical activity, hot, humid or raining conditions. GripShield® dries clear and quickly and has a fresh scent.

Bacteria found within sweat can often hide and stay in the most difficult places. By eliminating the bacteria, not masking it with scents, is the only proper way of getting rid of bad odors. Therefore, it is important to always wash the sweaty items and deodorize items that can’t be washed or washed as often.


Washing and Cleaning

  • 2Toms® StinkFree® Sports Detergent- Uses a high-end residue lifter that ionizes bacteria molecules to eliminate odors, restoring clothing performance and breath ability. It is guaranteed to remove all odors in your high performance athletic apparel and gear including: Hockey pads, Soccer Shin Guards, Shoes, Cleats, Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Tents, Sleeping Mats, Hiking Boots, Backpacks, Hydration Packs, Motorcycle Gear, Yoga Mats, Towels, Uniforms, and much more!


Deodorizing and Maintaining

  • 2Toms® Stink Free® Shoe and Gear Spray - Is guaranteed to remove, not mask, all odors caused by sweat left in your shoes, boots, gear, gym bags, pads/guards, gloves, lockers, etc. Our technically advanced formula cleans the pores that trap the odor in shoes and gear. Stink Free® Spray has no perfume in its formula; therefore, it leaves behind no smell once dry. Stink Free Spray is safe to use on canvas, leather, satin, and denim shoes.