Arm Pain

Your arms are one of the most-often used parts of your body, allowing for seemingly mundane activities such as driving or typing that are vital to your everyday life.  While you may be used to hearing about problems like carpal tunnel in the wrist or forearm, your upper arms are just as important, and pain in the upper arm region can seriously impair your ability to live a normal life.  All of your arm mobility comes from the support that muscles in your upper arm provides, so be sure to consult your doctor if you have any discomfort in the upper arm region.  Read on for possible causes, symptoms, and treatments of upper arm pain.  We also offer helpful upper arm pain exercises.


Upper Arm Pain Causes

When it comes to arm pain, upper arm pain causes can range from a variety of issues such as joint injuries to nerve damage.  In some situations, the pain begins in small amounts and develops over time.  Other times, the pain is instantaneous upon injuring the arm.  In even other situations, upper arm pain causes can include neck or upper spine injuries or similar issues.  Some of the most common causes of upper arm pain include:

  • A broken arm
  • A dislocated joint
  • Fibromyalgia
  • A herniated disk
  • A rotator cuff injury
  • Swimmer’s elbow
  • Bicep Tendonitis


Upper Arm Pain Symptoms

As the condition states, upper arm pain symptoms are typically noted as pain in the upper arm.  It is important, though, that you understand what the other upper arm pain symptoms are so that you seek out the proper treatment.  Some of those symptoms include:

  • Pain beyond the arm, such as in the shoulder, the upper back, or the neck
  • Unexplained bleeding, protruding bones, bruising
  • Upper arm discomfort that doesn’t cease while resting
  • Snapping or cracking in the arm, shoulder, or elbow
  • Swelling in the arm
  • Stiffness or trouble moving the arm from a palm up to a palm down position
  • Unexplained redness



Upper Arm Pain Treatment

Getting proper upper arm pain treatment is perhaps the only way you will be able to get back to your everyday activities with the pain eliminated.  When you are in pain, what you really want is immediate relief.  It is important to utilize a 2 Step method towards treatment: Immediate Relief and Long Term Healing.

Immediate Relief


  • Cho-Pat® Bicep/Tricep Cuff – This product prevents further pulling or tearing of the muscles and tendons in the bicep during activities such as weight lifting.
  • Cho-Pat® Upper Arm Strap – The upper arm strap prevents more tearing or pulling of the muscles and tendons in the upper portion of the arm.  It is waterproof for use while swimming and can be worn during a variety of other activities as well.

Inflammation Relief

  • Rest – Be sure to get plenty of rest so that your body can work to repair the damage in the upper arm.
  • Ice – Putting ice on the affected area for about 15 minutes, 3 times each day, will reduce swelling and alleviate pain.
  • Elevation – Often times, keeping the arm elevated is a good way to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Long Term Healing

Stretching and Strengthening

  • StretchRite® – The StretchRite is perfect for an overall body stretch, including the upper arm, shoulders, and upper back, which are all associated with upper arm pain.



How to Prevent Upper Arm Pain

Sometimes upper arm pain prevention is impossible.  To prevent upper arm pain, always be sure to wear the Cho-Pat® Bicep/Tricep Cuff, the Elbow Compression Sleeve, or the Upper Arm Strap.