Arm Pain Exercises

Arm Pain Exercises - Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

Exercising may not be the first thing you want to go out and do when you are experiencing arm pain, but in reality, it could be the ticket to feeling better when it is done properly. Arm pain exercises allow you to gently work the muscles and tendons that are injured or in pain, bringing the body back to health. When you participate in arm pain exercises or stretches, be sure that you wear the proper protective gear in order to prevent further injury and protect the area. Cho-Pat® products, such as the Upper Arm Strap, Wrist Support, and more, are perfect to wear as support during arm pain stretches.

Arm Pain Stretches Using StretchRite®

The StretchRite® is the perfect tool to get in a full range of arm stretches. Some of the arm pain stretches you can do with the StretchRite® include:
  • General Shoulder Stretch – Holding the StretchRite® vertically behind your back, the arm on the top pulls to give a good stretch along the back of the shoulder.
  • Isolated Shoulder Stretch – With one arm behind the head and the other outstretched to the side, the user holds each end of the StretchRite®, pulling down with the outstretched hand.
  • Rotator Cuff Stretch – Anchoring the StretchRite® to the top of a door, the user stands facing away from the door, puts the arm to the square, holds on to the end of the tool, and gently leans the body forward.
  • Deltoid Stretch – To stretch the deltoid muscles, anchor the StretchRite® to the top of a door. Stand so that your side is facing the door and reach the outer arm across the front of the body to grab the end of the tool. Gently lean outward, allowing the deltoid a good stretch.

Getting Started

To really alleviate the pain of an arm injury or inflammation with proper arm pain stretches, contact Medi-Dyne today to learn more about Cho-Pat®, StretchRite®, and our other products. Call us at 1-800-810-1740 or 817-251-8660 to get started on your arm pain exercises today.