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In order to really relieve pain, increase mobility and flexibility, and treat knee pain, it is essential to perform some knee pain exercises on a regular basis. Some knee pain conditions will allow for more rigorous knee pain exercises, while other conditions may require a mild routine.

The important thing about knee pain stretches and exercises is that you wear the proper support while you are moving, and even while you rest. Some of the products that provide support to the knee during knee pain exercises and stretches include Cho-Pat® products such as the Dual Action Knee Strap and the Original Knee Strap.

In addition, Tuli’s® Heavy Duty Heel Cups and Tuli’s® Gaitors provide the support that is needed to keep the body properly aligned during knee pain stretches.

Knee Pain Stretches

Some common knee pain stretches include:
  • StretchRite® – Knee pain stretches using the StretchRite® include a hamstring stretch, inner thigh stretch, calf stretch, quad stretch, hip stretch, and IT Band stretch.
  • ProStretch Plus – With the ProStretch Plus™, you can complete stretches such as the calf stretch, Achilles tendon stretch, hamstring stretch, and anterior tibialis stretch.

How to Prevent Knee Pain

Knowing how to prevent knee pain can ultimately keep you out of pain. While some causes of knee pain will not be affected by you knowing how to prevent knee pain, there are many conditions that you can literally avoid if you know what to do. To prevent knee pain:
  • Perfect your technique. If you participate in sports that cause overuse to the knee, perfect your technique so that you don’t put unnecessary strain on the area.
  • Ice. Sometimes all you need is a little ice on the knee. If you begin to feel even a small amount of pain, stop doing what you’re doing, sit down, and ice the knee.
  • Warm up. Before and after any physical activities involving the knee, participate in a warm up routine to ensure that the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are agile and ready to work properly.

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