How to Avoid Knee Pain From Running?

Runner with knee pain

How to Avoid Knee Pain From Running?

Knee pain is one of the most common medical problems affecting people of all ages. Estimates suggest that nearly one in four adults suffers from the condition. The pain can come suddenly without any warning. Injury to the knee and genetics are also common causes of knee pain.

Among young people, the runner's knee is a frequent complaint. It is a type of knee pain that can be identified when someone feels a dull pain around the front of the knee cap, and patella.

Not every knee pain is a runner's knee because a runner's knee is a very broad term used to describe lots of closely associated knee pains. For instance, arthritis is a leading cause of knee pain in older adults. Irrespective of age, rigorous exercise, running, movement, and undue pressure on the knee can also cause injury and mobility issues in a person.

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Knee Pain From Running

In recent years, people have tried to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which emphasizes brisk walk, jogging, and running. Whereas this lifestyle promotes good habits, people are often careless about their workout routine. As a result, knee pain from running is a common complaint.

Nearly 42% of running injuries are related to the knee. Excess exercise, training injuries, lack of leg strength, and frequent running are some of the leading causes of knee pain. To avoid knee pain, people use all sorts of knee protection for runners.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, here are some important signs to look for:

  • Pain in or around the kneecap whenever you're up and running.
  • Pain when you sit for a long time with your knees bent. Sitting in a car on long drives may induce pain.
  • Sound of grinding, rubbing, or clicking whenever you bend or straighten your knee.
  • Feeling of tenderness when you touch the kneecap.

It is important to remember that knee pain or a runner's knee can be caused by conditions that may not be related to the above symptoms. A direct hit to the knee, malalignment of bones in the body, weak thigh muscles, flat feet, and a condition called Chondromalacia Patella are just some of the other factors contributing to the pain.

If you're thinking about how to prevent knee pain from growing, then a plausible solution is to use knee protection or consult a doctor. Not everyone requires medical treatment, surgery, or medication because you can avoid the pain by doing certain exercises and using knee aids.


How to Prevent Knee Pain?

There are lots of methods to avoid knee pain. These include wearing knee protection for runners, maintaining weight, low-impact exercises, and physical therapy. Depending on your specific needs, lifestyle, and body type, here is how to prevent knee pain:
  1. Knee Brace: Wearing a knee brace is ideal for runners because it unloads stress from the affected area. The pressure is transferred to the thigh, which increases mobility and reduces stiffness.
  2. Warm Up: Always warm-up before exercising, jogging, and playing any type of sports. Warming up the lower portion of your body will relieve pressure from your knees by decreasing tension on your tendons.
  3. Maintain Weight: Try to maintain your weight according to your height and age. Consult a weight chart to see how much you should weigh and try to adjust accordingly.
  4. Wear Proper Shoe Size: Knee pain is also caused by wearing inappropriate shoes that don't fit properly. Since foot muscles play an important role in shaping the leg structure, you must wear comfortable shoes that are a good fit.
  5. Maintain Frequency: If you exercise regularly, it is important to maintain the frequency. Build up gradually to avoid knee pain. Similarly, a sudden decrease in activity can also weaken the muscles leading to knee pain.
  6. Low-Impact Exercises: When not sure how to prevent knee pain, always rely on low-impact exercise. Rowing machines or cross-country skiing machines are effective ways to avoid knee pain.
  7. Walk or Swim: Instead of running, you can maintain yourself by opting for a brisk walk. You can also run while wearing suitable knee protection for runners.


How to Prevent Knee Pain When Running?

There are a variety of pain treatment products in the market such as knee braces, knee caps, and sleeves. All of these offer versatility and comfort. Knee sleeves can be stretched over the knee. In contrast, knee caps and knee straps are much stiffer and wrap around the knee.

They're used to treat almost all types of pain that may include swelling, cartilage irritation, sprains, arthritis, and chondromalacia patella. The way they do it is by distributing the strain put by the body on your knees. Distributing the strain helps because a damaged knee cannot sustain regular pressure.

When you wear knee protection, it takes off some of the weight on the joint and restricts the knee's range of motion. Besides relieving the stress, knee protection also offer consistent warmth to the knee. The heat increases the blood circulation around the muscles, which helps heal the knee much faster.


When to Buy a Knee Brace?

If you're not sure how to prevent knee pain when running, the simplest method is to buy a knee brace. You can buy a knee brace anytime you feel pain or when you're actively engaged in activities that put pressure on the knee joint. Many people also buy knee protection to avoid future injury.

The decision to buy a particular type of knee cover mainly depends on the rigidity and comfort level. For instance, a knee brace may be stretchable and allow maximum flexibility for people looking to remain fully active.

On the other hand, knee wrap, knee straps, and knee stabilizers are more rigid but less flexible. They're recommended for people who feel mild pain when running or who suspect an injury due to a rigorous exercise regime. Similarly, hinged knee braces are suitable for rehabilitation and surgery.

Based on the level of protection needed, we've shortlisted some fantastic knee protectors that will suit almost everyone. There is no hard and fast rule to select a particular knee cover. Therefore, you can either select the one that fits your need or look at our recommended products.

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PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.


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