Trigger Points and Knots

Trigger points are bands or nodules in a muscle that are taught or hyper-contracted. They make the area tender to the touch and feel like peas just underneath the skin. Some trigger points only feel pain when they are touched, and others are always painful. It is essential to relieve the pain through trigger point massage therapy. The good news is that you can do this on your own.

Locate your trigger points and using the tip of the RangeRoller™ Original, simply press the trigger point. You may have a cluster of them, or there may be one single point. Either way, press each individual trigger point to deactivate it and allow the pain to dissipate. Apply a firm amount of pressure for anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds. After that happens, use the RangeRoller™ to massage the area, which will release more pain and help you to feel more comfort and pain relief.

How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots

Getting rid of muscle knots can be as easy as providing yourself with a little massage therapy using the RangeRoller™. Each different product; the Pro, the XL, and the Original; provide different amounts of pressure for the different muscle knots you may be experiencing.

  • RangeRoller™ XL– The XL is 25” long and is medium stiffness. It covers a larger surface area and is recommended for legs and backs. Using it will relieve muscle knots in those areas.
  • RangeRoller™ Pro – The Pro is 16” and is the firmest of the series. If you have muscle knots that are hard to tackle, this product provides a deep massage to break up the mass.
  • RangeRoller™ Original– The Original is 19” long and is medium stiffness. It is a convenient size to reach different areas of the body for the best in muscle knot relief.