At 2Toms® we’re always working on revolutionary new products designed to prevent skin injuries, eliminate odors, and alleviate the discomforts associated with athletics and work – so you can live blister, chafe, & odor free!


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the 2toms story

Rooted in science and the love of sport, 2Toms mission has always been to provide the best comfort and care to athletes by offering the most technologically advanced products available anywhere. Foot motion during sports or other intense activity often causes annoying or even disabling friction wounds. Over the years, medical and scientific professionals have attempted to solve the problem. A ground-breaking solution was developed with the successful partnership of a research scientist with a Ph.D. in surface chemistry from M.I.T. and a seasoned marketing and entrepreneurial professional.



I tried the 'Sport Shield for Her' for the Chicago Marathon. I am absolutely floored with how well it worked! I always have been having some sort of issue with chafing for anything I run over 5 miles, and for full marathons, I end up with open wounds. But with the use of your product, I had NO ISSUES! I could not believe it! I have almost ended my 800+ day running streak because of my skin condition, but you have changed it for me! The streak goes on!! Thank you so much!!


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