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 Medi-Dyne 20th Anniversary

Serving over 70 countries in the world, Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products, Ltd is committed to providing innovations in prevention and treatment of pain and injuries. We offer products for podiatrists, athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and other individuals who need proper physical support for their pain and their injuries. Whether you have been experiencing Tennis Elbow, Tight Hamstrings, or Lower Back Pain, we have the solutions you are looking for.

At Medi-Dyne, we are dedicated to the efficacy of each product we supply to our customers. When each product is finished, we put them through testing and evaluations by our highly qualified healthcare professionals so we are certain that our customers are getting the best products in the industry. The healthcare professionals conducting the tests are the most demanding in the industry and will take no less than the best. Through rigorous testing, we ensure the safety, usefulness, and effectiveness of each product. Not only do they work, but you will notice an immediate difference when you use our products.

With years in the industry, Medi-Dyne offers the market over sixty patented products for strengthening, stretching, and protecting the body, as well as for preventing more serious medical issues. Our products provide relief for every area of the body including minor and major issues with the back, legs, and arms. In addition, Medi-Dyne products are perfect for diagnosed indications such as Swimmer’s Elbow, Achilles Tendonitis, Weak Wrists, and more.

Our Brands

2Toms® high performance, technologically-advanced blister and chafing protection products provide the ultimate protection from blisters, chafing, saddle soreness, and more. 2Toms® odor products are engineered to eliminate odor in equipment and remove sweat and odor in clothing for any athlete or other active individual. At Medi-Dyne, we are committed to ensuring our 2Toms® branded items deliver on a promise to offer immediate relief and odor protection.

For over 30 years, medical professionals have successfully recommended Cho-Pat® products for leg, ankle, knee, arm and wrist support.  Recognized for their effectiveness, Cho-Pat® straps revolutionized treatment for various injuries and sport-related discomfort.

Cho-Pat® offers effective, quality products which provide immediate relief and support long-term healing. As a leader in the industry of sports-medicine, Medi-Dyne collaborated with the sports medicine staff of the Mayo Clinic™ to ensure the highest standard of care and results were met.


Originally designed to help physical therapists achieve greater results with their patients, CoreStretch® is available for anyone looking for lower back pain relief.

Due to the design of this product, the back is elongated, offering users a deep, effective stretch that relaxes tissues and develops the core’s major muscle groups. Range of motion, injury prevention, pain reduction, and increased recovery time are just a few reasons that so many individuals have used these products over the years. CoreStretch® will stretch you back into shape.

Whether you plan to use it in your physical therapy office, or if you plan to have it at home for personal use, it is a cost effective solution to back pain for most people. It provides three different levels of fitness and has ten sizing options that work for individuals whether they are in a seat, on the floor, or standing up. The product is lightweight and convenient to haul around if you wish to take it to work, on a trip, or anywhere else.

ProStretch® has been the #1 choice for pain relief by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and athletes for more than 20 years. The unique design allows complete customization for each individual user. Providing users with a deep, effective stretch, flexibility and relaxation is increased in the knees, lower legs, and feet.

Medi-Dyne healthcare products provide the best in injury prevention and treatment. Our certified health professionals have tested and evaluated the ProStretch® products to ensure that they provide the best stretch, the most pain relief, and are a comfortable solution to your lower leg stresses and injuries.


RangeRoller™ is the perfect solution when you need a massage therapy tool that targets trigger points and knots. This innovative massage therapy tool provides exclusive Trigger Treads™ which allow users to experience a deep massage on both inner- and outer-layers of their muscles and tissues, dramatically reducing muscle pain. Massaging with RangeRoller provides both immediate relief as well as long-term healing as it increases the circulation in the body, relieves painful knots, warms the muscles, and can even eliminate scar tissue.

Each RangeRoller™ massage therapy tool is available in 12 color options, allowing you to customize your RangeRoller™ for your team, your country, or just your favorite colors. Non-slip grip handles, make RangeRoller™ easy to use and allow the user to achieve maximum control during their massage.



Are you looking for a tool that will provide you with a deep stretch over your entire body? You have come to the right place. At Medi-Dyne, our StretchRite® tool offers an effective, comfortable, and fun alternative to your daily stretching routine. The tool is designed to grow with you as you become more flexible.

With our unique design, you simply move your hands to the next handgrip when you have outstretched one, lengthening your stretch even more. Every muscle group in the entire body can benefit from using this product, providing relief from many physical ailments of the back, legs, and arms.

StretchRite® is designed to allow you to stretch longer and deeper providing maximum results.

StretchRite® is constructed with a non-elastic strap and six pair of ergonomically-shaped handgrips to give you a comfortable stretch every time. The ergonomically designed handgrips offer comfort during the stretch with a non-cinching hold. The non-elastic strap lets you stretch properly and comfortably.

The foot is a complex structure, impeccably designed for balance and mobility. So when Medi-Dyne looked to deliver the best support available, we simply turned to nature. With Tuli’s® brand foot care products we’ve scientifically duplicated the shock-absorbing design naturally found in your feet to maximize shock absorption and keep the feet, knees, hips, and the back in alignment. We used the longest-lasting and best performing materials available so we could comfortably back them with industry-leading warranties. It’s no wonder Tuli’s® is the leading Podiatrist-recommended brand world-wide.

Nothing works better or last longer than your Tuli’s® - Shock absorbers for your feet!


2steps solutions

2Steps Solutions
Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a tennis player or you take part in any other sort of physical activity on a regular basis, the unfortunate fact is that pain is an inevitable byproduct.

Medi-Dyne has created a unique 2-step approach to pain relief for some of the most common injuries suffered by runners and active individuals – the first step provides immediate relief, while the second promotes long-term healing. These product bundles will provide a comprehensive solution to many types of injuries. Now, you’re two steps away from pain relief.