Patellar Tendonitis

The patellar tendon is an essential tendon in the leg that enables the muscles to extend the knee, allowing an individual to kick a ball, jump up, or run up a hill.  Patellar tendonitis is a condition that affects the tendon that connects the shinbone to the kneecap, or patella. The condition makes it difficult to participate in regular activities and can occur in individuals who play jumping or running sports, as well as other individuals.

When you understand what causes and symptoms there are, as well as what patellar tendonitis treatment options are available, you can resume your everyday activities and extra sports activities in no time. See our Patellar tendonitis exercises to learn more about how you can treat patellar tendonitis.

Patellar Tendonitis Causes

Patellar tendonitis causes include overuse. It can occur when you place repeated stress on your patellar tendon. The stress results in tiny tears in the tendon, and as the tears in the tendon increase, they cause pain from inflammation and a weakening. Some of the patellar tendonitis causes include:

  • Intense, frequent, and repeated physical activity - Repetitive jumping or sudden movements are often some of the most common patellar tendonitis causes among individuals and commonly occur during sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer.
  • Tight muscles - Tight muscles in the hamstrings and quads will often place more strain on your patellar tendon.
  • Muscle imbalances – If some of the muscles in your leg get a better workout than others, the stronger muscles might pull more on your patellar tendon, causing pain and ultimately, patellar tendonitis.

Patellar Tendonitis Symptoms

Patellar tendonitis symptoms begin with pain located in the section of your patellar tendon between your kneecap (patella) and the area where the tendon attaches to your shinbone (tibia). Some common patellar tendonitis symptoms include:

  • Pain that is only present during physical activity.
  • Difficulty participating in sports or other similar activities.
  • The inability to climb stairs or stand up from a sitting position.
  • Swelling or redness around the joints.

It is not always required to see a medical professional when you feel the symptoms of this condition. If symptoms are minor, Medi-Dyne recommends some treatment options you can try on your own.

Patellar Tendonitis Treatment

When you’re suffering from the pain of patellar tendonitis, what you really want is immediate relief. Patellar tendonitis treatments that provide immediate relief include supporting/bracing and compression.

Additionally, patellar tendonitis treatment that provides long term healing will be important to restoring functionality. Stretching exercises will help reduce muscle spasms and help lengthen the muscles and tendons. Weak thigh muscles contribute to the strain on your patellar tendon, making strengthening these muscles important.

Patellar tendonitis treatment solutions include:


Immediate Relief


  • Cho-Pat® Original Knee Strap – This provides support, mobility, and comfort to the user during activities that involve the knee.

  • Cho-Pat® Dual Action Knee Strap – The Dual Action Knee Strap is something you can wear during your workout or sports activities. It improves tracking and reduces displacement of the muscles, tendons, and kneecap.

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  • Cho-Pat® knee Stabilizer - Improves patellar tracking resulting in less knee degeneration, inflammation, and pain. The Patellar Stabilizer allows for full mobility of the knee joint while improving lateral and medial support for weak knees.


Long-Term Healing


  • StretchRite®- StretchRite is designed to allow you to get a deep, effective stretch every time. When you feel the pain of patellar tendonitis, this improves flexibility to relieve the pain in your tight muscles.