Heel Pain

Every year, millions of people suffer from heel pain, but many of them don't understand the causes and fail to seek proper treatment. Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the plantar fascia. The good news is that plantar fasciitis can be easily treated if addressed early. You can also try some heel pain exercises to help alleviate your pain.

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Heel Pain Causes

Heel pain is a common condition that causes discomfort or tenderness in the heels, often affecting one or both feet. It can significantly impair mobility and quality of life. The most common causes of heel pain include:


Plantar Fasciitis 

One of the most common heel pain causes is a condition called plantar fasciitis. The tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints in the feet all work together to allow you to move your feet to walk or run. When the plantar fascia, or the arch of the foot, is overused or injured, pain is felt in the heel.

Heel Spurs 

Heel spurs, protruding from the underside of the heel bone, can cause pain by irritating surrounding tissues such as the plantar fascia.

Achilles Tendinitis 

Heel pain can be caused by Achilles tendinitis as a result of inflammation and irritation of the Achilles tendon. This can lead to discomfort while in motion.

Bone Fracture 

Bone fractures can cause heel pain due to damage to the heel bone, resulting in localized sharp or throbbing discomfort.


Inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that cushions the heel joint, can lead to discomfort and tenderness in the affected area, causing heel pain. This condition is known as bursitis.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Compression of the tibial nerve as it passes through the tarsal tunnel can cause heel pain, resulting in discomfort radiating to the heel and foot. This condition is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome, which can also cause tingling and numbness in the affected area.


Inflammation of the joints in the heel caused by arthritis can lead to stiffness, swelling, and discomfort, especially during activities that involve bearing weight. This can result in heel pain.

Sever's Disease

Inflammation of the growth plate in the heel bone, known as Sever's disease, can result in heel pain. This condition usually affects children during phases of rapid growth and physical activity.


PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation

Heel Pain Symptoms

Accurately identifying symptoms associated with heel pain is crucial for effective treatment. Recognizing the array of symptoms, from sharp, stabbing sensations to dull, achy discomfort, can help individuals seek appropriate medical attention and relief.

Some of the most common heel pain symptoms include:

  • Pain that begins dull and progressively gets worse
  • Pain that is worse in the morning when you take your first steps
  • A stabbing feeling when you put pressure on the heel
  • Swelling or tenderness around the ankle and plantar fascia
  • Stiffness in the foot, specifically the heel and ankle


PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation

Heel Pain Treatment

The good news is that many individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis or other similar issues have found relief through finding the proper treatment methods. At Medi-Dyne, we provide the top options to get you back on your feet.



Support Products:

Products that offer support to the feet, such as orthotic inserts or heel cups, can provide cushioning and arch support to evenly distribute pressure across the foot. This, in turn, reduces stress on the heel and can promote proper alignment, which is crucial for alleviating discomfort and facilitating healing.

Recommended products:

Tuli's So Soft Heel Cups

Tuli's® So Soft® Heel Cups ★★★★★

Exclusively formulated to be lighter, softer and more resilient than other heel cups. Soft cloth material combined with softer heel means better shock absorption and increased comfort.

Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups

Tuli's® Heavy Duty Heel Cups™ ★★★★★

Can be worn in athletic shoes, making them the perfect solution for plantar fasciitis during workouts. They offer protection and shock absorption with every step. These are podiatrist developed heel cups and provide relief by cradling and cushioning the heel bone. They absorb shock and return impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet.

Tuli's Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Tuli's® Plantar Fasciitis Insoles™ ★★★★★

A full-length premium arch supports designed specifically for plantar fasciitis. The arch support in the Medial and Metatarsal Arches evenly distributes the body weight pressure throughout your feet to help you improve stability, balance and posture. It uses a 4-degree medial heel wedge to encourage stability by preventing excessive over-pronation which can cause stress or inflammation on the plantar fascia.

Tuli's Classic Heel Cups

Tuli's® Classic® Heel Cups ★★★★★

The patented ProStretch Plus rocker design automatically holds your foot in the optimal position for providing a an accurate and efficient calf stretch. that can help. Stretching the calf muscles can help mitigate back pain by correcting muscular imbalances and enhancing posture and alignment.

Tuli's Gaitors 3/4 Length Arch Supports

Tuli's® Gaitors® 3/4 Length Arch Supports ★★★★★

Combines light-weight shock absorption with superior arch support in an ultra-thin carbon fiber orthotic that delivers long-lasting relief and comfort.

Tuli's The X Brace

Tuli's® The X Brace® ★★★★★

The unique “X” design of our patented foot brace provides support and reduces arch pressure very similar to how Low-Dye taping works but without all the expertise, time and tape necessary. This support of the arch also helps offset over-pronation, effectively addressing what can be debilitating foot pain.

Tuli's Dual Density Heel Cups

Tuli's® Dual Density Heel Cups ★★★★★

The Tuli's Dual Density Gel Heel Cups feature a strategically placed shock absorber that cradles the injured portion of the foot while distributing pressure to the outer portion.

Tuli's Cheetah and Comnpression Heel Cup Sleeve

Tuli's® Cheetah® Heel Cup with Compression Sleeve ★★★★★

The heel and ankle supports that gymnasts and dancers count on! Tuli's® Cheetahs® provide immediate relief from heel pain by cushioning the area of pain and elevating the heel bone.


Stretching and Strengthening Products:

When you have heel pain, stretching and massaging can help you feel better. This is because these actions make your calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and plantar fascia more flexible, which reduces tension and stress on the affected ligament. Stretching and massaging can also help blood flow and tissue healing in your foot, which can help reduce heel pain.

Recommended products:

ProStretch Plus Adjustable Calf Stretcher

ProStretch® Plus Adjustable Calf and Foot Stretcher ★★★★★

The ProStretch Plus increases flexibility and range of motion in the plantar fascia, Achilles and calf muscles with a deep, pain-relieving stretch. ProStretch Plus has been proven to provide a deep stretch that increases flexibility along the entire inter-connective chain, delivering the long-term flexibility needed for a lasting plantar fasciitis treatment.

ProStretch The Original Foot and Calf Stretcher

ProStretch® The Original Foot and Calf Stretcher ★★★★★

Helps relieve and stretch the plantar fascia, calf, foot, and hamstring muscles far more effectively than conventional methods. For over 30 years, ProStretch has been the favorite calf stretcher of professional athletes, athletic trainers, and physical therapists worldwide. It's unique rocker design holds the foot in the optimal position for a biomechanically accurate and efficient foot and leg stretch that increases flexibility and enhances overall performance.

ProStretch NightSock

ProStretch® NightSock® ★★★★★

Thelps alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf muscle cramps and runners’ cramps. By keeping foot in a slightly flexed position, it comfortably elongates the muscles and soft tissues of the calf and foot, speeding up recovery while sleeping.

StretchRite Stretching Strap

ProStretch® StretchRite® Stretching Strap ★★★★★

The StretchRite® stretch strap gives you a safer, more effective way to improve flexibility and get total body relief for sore tight muscles. It's ergonomically designed strap handgrips that allow you to stretch comfortably, increase your range of motion in stages and visually monitor your progress.


Massage Products:

Massaging the plantar fascia helps to relax tight muscles, release tension, and reduce overall discomfort. A targeted massage in tghe plantar fascia can address specific trigger points or knots in the muscles, contributing to pain relief and enhancing the overall recovery from plantar fasciitis pain.

Recommended products: 

Footy massage ball

ProStretch® Footy Massage Ball ★★★★★

Delivers targeted myofascial release, reducing muscle tightness and promoting flexibility. Its design allows for effective targeted self-massage, helping to alleviate discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis.

ProStretch Junior+ Massage Ball

ProStretch® Junior+ Handheld Massage Roller ★★★★★

Delivers targeted myofascial release and works great to get deep to relieve muscle tightness and soreness. It’s the ideal manual massage tool to provide relief to tense and tired muscles with pinpoint precision.

PrtoStretch Uno Massage Roller

ProStretch® Uno Massage Roller ★★★★★

Delivers targeted myofascial release, reducing muscle tightness and promoting flexibility. Its design allows for effective targeted self-massage, helping to alleviate discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis.

ProStretch Marble Massage Roller

ProStretch® Marble Massage Roller ★★★★★

A hand-held roller massage tool designed to help relieve tight muscle knots, tension, and muscle soreness. Use the Marble Roller on your arms for the ultimate massage experience. .

ProStretch Trio Massage Balls

ProStretch® Trio Massage Balls ★★★★★

A set of 3 massage balls each of a different density allowing for a personalized massage. With three different densities, soft density, medium density, or firm density, you decide your desired pressure of massage.


PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation