Dave Beuck
I wanted to let you know that your Tuli's heel cup really helped me with a lingering heel pain that was severely impacting my ability to get around.  While I'm not exactly sure what kicked off the problem, I went from a 2 mile nightly dog walk to zero miles.  And that being my main form of exercise made it bad for many reasons.  My dogs weren't too happy either. After getting a pair of the Classic Heel cups the discomfort was "significantly" reduced and continues to show improvement.  We are back up to a mile and I am a very pleased customer.  I may try your Cheetah wrap next since I also have some swelling on that same foot. Great Product! Thank You!

E. Lento
I am a dancer and I take dancing quite seriously. I have had two knee for a torn meniscus and a year later I had another torn meniscus and a paramenisal cyst. Each operation made my knee pain free for about a year and then the pain would come back. The surgeon said... no more surgeries for me....the next step would have been a knee replacement. I heard all about knee replacements and there was no way that I wanted to set myself up for that. I decided to buy one of your Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap....couldn't hurt...... I had so much pain with my knee that I did not hold much hope for this knee strap. Well, I began to wear the knee strap....not all the time.....just when I went dancing or walking. Within a week I did not have any pain. It has been about three years now and I NEVER dance without the Cho-Pat.....I NEVER go walking without the Cho-Pat. It gives me such unbelievable support that I don't dare to go without it.

Mary P.
I ordered two of the XL Cho-Pat Dual Action knee straps last year and just want to let you know that they have helped me tremendously with my mobility because of bad knees. In fact, one of my friends tried it and should be ordering today. Thank you for providing those of us with large legs/knees a place to buy these items. Keep up the good work.

Devon S.
I purchased two of the Cho-Pat dual action knee straps after my Yoga instructor (who has a pair) recommended them to me for a 4 day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru. For me, the descent is always a strain on the outside of my knee (even when I was younger). Well, if ever there is a hike to test these straps it is Machu Picchu! The descent is steep and long, down stone steps. Our guide had asked us if we had hiking poles and I said "No, but I have Cho-Pats". I have to say that I had no pain and no issues descending from 13,800 feet with a 20lb pack on my back! And after I removed them... no strain, and no pain what-so-ever. That's a first! What a relief. And they did not rub or hinder my hike in any way. I was able to descend at a quick pace and never felt fatigued. I highly recommend these straps. I'm going to wear them skiing this winter, too, as a preventitive measure. They work! Thank you! (I think I will send a pair to our Peruvian guide -- he was impressed with them, too)

Julie D.
Tuli's Heel Cups were the best back-to-school purchase for my son.  The heel cups completely eliminated his Sever's heel pain when it flared up from playing basketball!  He will never play sports again without those heel cups in his athletic shoes or cleats.

Natalie S.
I am happy to report that I used both 2Toms Blister Shield powder and Sports Shield on my 10 mile training run as well as my half marathon that I ran yesterday (I finished in 2:07 – not bad for my first half!) and had just one small blister on just one toe and it was not at all painful, nor could I feel it during my run.  Thank you for the samples and for saving my toes!!  Now it’s time for new running shoes to hopefully resolve the problem completely.

Theresa V.

I used 2Toms Stink Free Detergent on my son's nasty smelly lacrosse bag and it was nothing short of a miracle!!  Saved me $100 on a new bag.  I am definitely a believer!

Rhonda Gillis

I will forever be your SportShield’s biggest supporter & cheerleader! I have told all my running friends about this product!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!

Holly Lebeck

THANK YOU! for MADE IN THE USA Tuli's! Thank you for providing a quality (Tuli's Heel Cups) product made in the USA. I take the time to find these types of products to meet my and the family's needs! My husband was given these by a doctor today-I feel good that they trust the product enough to prescribe them to their patients. I appreciate that my money can be spent to support my country's economy. Thanks again!

Mary Marie Luke
We have several cowhide rugs in the house, and they have only smelled like… Well, cow hide rugs. I had the bright idea of spraying your product [2Toms Stink Free Shoe Spray] on them, and now they do not smell at all! I have no idea what is in that stuff, but you guys are amazing!!!!! Seriously seriously seriously, thank you so much!

Kara Carlin, Athletic Director

I ran in the Richmond Marathon this weekend and used a pack [2Toms BlisterShiled] and WOW….NO blisters…this stuff is amazing! Thank you so much…I ran again today and I usually need to let the blisters go away before I run again after 26.2…..not today! Thanks!!

Jack Foley, Director of Sports Medicine
Former World's Best Miler
During the past year, we have used the ProStretch with excellent results. We have seen improvements in flexibility in all four components of the lower leg and foot. The step-by-step approach with simple instructions makes perfect sense.

Richard Braver, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.
Lehigh University
I would certainly recommend ProStretch for tight plantar fascia and the intrinsic muscles the fascia supports, as well as to promote ankle range of motion post case removal, and for most Achilles' problems.

Pepper Burruss, P.T., A.T., C.
Medical Chairman - New Jersey Division of U.S. Track and Field
People who don't normally maintain a good level of stretching, or people who play tennis, racquetball or run and don't stretch properly, could benefit from this device. If they will bring the ProStretch with them and work on it, it will help them prevent injury.

I recently purchased the Metarsal Cushions and they are the greatest, most comfortable devices I have found for my feet.

Of all the many fitness equipment, all the health foods and vitamins, the most profound influence on my health has been your Tuli's products.

The Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups is the best investment I have ever made for my high school athletic department.

Without the heel cups I am sure I would be walking with a cane. If your heel cups will do for my sister what they have done for me, I cannot think of a better gift for her.

I am very impressed with your product which was suggested as an accessory rather than a necessity to the shoes I just purchased.

The Tuli's Standard Heel Cups that I use performed a miracle in just two days.

These heel cups have revolutionized my life! I was in tremendous pain and suffered terribly.

It's amazing what waffle heels do for my ability to walk 1.5 miles.

I work two jobs and am on my feet about 13 hours a day. Your product has been a great help! They give the "instant relief" that you state. Thanks!

Absolutely love my TULI'S!!!! I am walking without pain thanks to your products.

These Tuli Cheetahs really are helping my son's heels. I recommend them to all gymnasts. He has been able to tumble and vault wearing them and he even won floor and high bar at regionals.

Thank you for making such a great product as the Tuli's shock absorbers, especially the "Gel" products. They are part of every shoe that I own.

J. P.
Your Road Runners are great, I have used a lot of orthotics and your products seem to be the best-kept secret.

C. Gray
The heel cups I bought in Sydney Australia are far and away the best I have come across - I have a heel spur and it is fast disappearing with a combination of Tuli's heel cups and steroid injections - but when at its worst the heel cup offered the best relief from pain on walking.

I have had plantar fascia for 2 years and nothing has worked. Once my doctor sold me the ProStretch I got out of bed 2 days later without any pain, Thank you.