How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating While Gaming?

How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating While Gaming?

As a gamer, you know that picking up the controller or sitting down at the keyboard is more than just recreation.

It’s a fun challenge and an adventure.

As with any excellent adventure, there are plenty of challenges to overcome and a feeling of accomplishment waiting on the other side.

Maybe you’re the type of gamer who takes pride in completing the story mode or campaign in single player? You could be the type of gamer who masters multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA’s) games, first-person shooters, or the now popular battle royal games, and you put those skills to the test against the world’s best competitors.

No matter the game, the rush of it all can lead to one big problem – sweaty palms.

How do I stop my hands from sweating while gaming? If you’ve ever asked this question, we’ve got some handy options for you to try.


Tackling the Perspiration Problem: Finding the Right Fix for Gaming Hand Sweat

There are about 2.7 billion gamers in the world. Many of them compete at a professional or semi-professional level.

Whether you’re putting your skills to the test against other seasoned gamers to win real cash and prizes, or you’re simply gaming for the fun of it, you want to perform at your best.

If your palms are sweating, you may have trouble holding onto your controller or mouse. You could even damage your devices if the problem of perspiration is bad enough. Whether you’re sitting down at night to unwind with games, or you’re heading off to a tournament, try these sweat solutions.


1. Get a Grip with Hand Chalk

Don’t let your K/D ratio slip away – use hand chalk to give yourself a better grip on the action.

While rock climbers would likely say their pastime is a bit more stress-inducing than gaming, they rely on chalk to give them the traction they need when gripping surfaces to pull themselves up. Gamers can use this in the same way – and if you don’t have any chalk nearby, baby powder works just as well. No matter which of the two options you’re using, just sprinkle a little in your hands, then grind it in by clapping and rubbing your hands together.

The only downfall of this solution is you may not be allowed to use it if you’re gaming on someone else’s equipment – they may not appreciate the powder residue, even if it does stop sweat.


2. Custom Anti-Sweat Gear Fits Like a Glove

If chalk or powder sounds too messy, you can always invest in gloves to help keep your sweat from contaminating your gear during those tense sessions.

Don’t feel like ordering gamer-specific gloves? Pick those designed to work in conditions where sweat would be a factor, such as outdoor activities or fitness. If you don’t mind making custom orders, you can even invest in controllers, mice, or keyboards with textures designed to make gripping easier.

The main downfall here is that for competitive players, gloves can sometimes impact your maneuverability – which can be a problem when you’re trying to shave seconds off a speed run or a button combo’s input time. You may not always be allowed to use custom peripherals on a competitive scene, either.


3. Wipe Away, Then Start to Play 

Arguably the simplest solution on this list, you can always simply wipe the sweat away once it starts building up. 

The ideal solution here is alcohol wipes. Not only will they help you dry up existing sweat, but they can disinfect your hands of bacteria and even help narrow your pores to prevent future sweating from becoming a factor.

The only drawback comes for those who prefer long gaming sessions and/or those who sweat often. If your friends are speeding along eagerly toward the next boss fight, or the time is ticking down on world-record pace, it’s probably not a good time to stop for a wipe break.


Invest in 2Toms GripShield, a Personal Grip Enhancer for Gamers

While the above three answers are some of the first solutions a gamer may think of, there’s also another one that deserves attention – a topical solution that dries hands and keeps them dry.

The question of “how do I stop my hands from sweating while gaming” brings this solution into the conversation. This can be the perfect long-term solution for sweaty hands when gaming.


2Toms GripShield - Grip Enhancer 

GripShield is designed for a variety of sports, including competitive gaming. Not only can it keep your hands dry in the hottest and most humid conditions, but it dries fast and will not rub off. This means:

  • No worries about residue left on your equipment
  • No need to cover your hands or invest in custom gear
  • No fear of having to pause the action to apply more solution

Add in this option leaves a fresh scent behind, and you have a winning formula that any gamer can use.

Are you ready to game without reservations about perspiration? Beat the boss, get the high score, and earn that new PB – it’s no sweat, literally.

We offer 2Toms GripShield in single-use packets and 1.5oz/45ml bottles.


2Toms GripShield

2Toms GripShield 1.5 oz 
Grip Enhancer



2Toms GripShield Packet

2Toms GripShield Packet 
Grip Enhancer


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