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Tuli's® Metatarsal Cushions™


UPC 038016100704

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Add comfort to your favorite pair of heels!

Tuli's® Metatarsal Cushions™ offer maximum shock absorption for the balls of your feet with a combination of waffles and TuliGEL™ material.  Because of their unique design Tuli's® Metatarsal Cusions™ do not need adhesive to stay in place and lift out easily for use in multiple pairs of shoes. 

One-size-fits-all, easy trim-to-fit sizing takes away the guesswork of fitting your favorite shoe.

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How do the Tuli's Metatarsal Cushions go in your shoe?

Place the Metatarsal Cushion directly below your toes covering your metatarsal, with the long sides on the outside of your foot and the waffle side facing down.