For over 30 years, Cho-Pat® has provided unique and innovative braces, straps and compression products that give a unique balance between support and mobility. Cho-Pat® products are also sold in a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit which maximizes performance. Finally, all Cho-Pat® brand products are made with materials that combine performance, durability and comfort that will confidently help keep you moving!


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The Cho-Pat Story

For over 30 years, medical professionals have successfully recommended Cho-Pat® products for leg, ankle, knee, arm and wrist support. Cho-Pat® offers effective, quality products that provide immediate relief and support. As a leader in the industry of sports-medicine, Medi-Dyne collaborated with the sports medicine staff of the Mayo Clinic to ensure the highest standard of care and results were met.



My daughter recommended the Cho-pat and she was so right. It provided immediate relief for which I am so grateful. It's not too bulky or restrictive. An excellent purchase for sure!

Sylvia G

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