2Toms® ButtShield® Single-Use Towelettes, 6-Pack


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2Toms ButtShield revolutionary waterproof formula prevents the friction that causes chafing while performing under the most grueling conditions, even while swimming. ButtShield Single-Use towelettes are perfect for those on the go!

Say Goodbye to Saddle Sores and Butt Rashes

Apply to the backside, groin, or anywhere skin friction may occur to create a friction-free, silky-smooth surface that prevents chafing. A little goes a long way. 2Toms ButtShield towelettes apply formula smoothly and evenly.

  • Soothes and Protects
  • Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • All Day Protection
  • Fragrance-Free

Includes: 6 Travel Size Single-Use Towelettes

Made in the U.S.A

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    Bob D.


    I used this product to train for and ride the LEADVILLE 100 MTB race. It kept me comfortable and prevented chaffing even on 6 hour training rides; great product!

    Rich S.

    My son just finished his 600K Brevet with the South Florida Randonneurs. Ian would not have been able to complete this grueling ordeal without the use of your BlisterShield, ButtShield, and SportShield. He was able to keep himself comfortable and did not experience any discomfort. He highly recommends your amazing products to anyone who likes cycling comfortably. Thanks!

    Deborah M.

    I use this for hot yoga- no chafing at all ! Great product!

    Ian S.

    I recently started using your Sport Shield ButtShield and it has done me wonders. I now have felt more comfortable while riding long distances and stand up less because of discomfort. Thank you 2Toms for creating such amazing products!!!


    Just a quick note to say I've used the stuff for 3 rides and almost 150 miles and am very impressed. I was a little nervous as its not the standard thick cream but haven't even spent a moment thinking about comfort so it must be working very well - even on our own very dubious club kit shorts! Damon - U.K.

    What is the difference between 2Toms SportShield and 2Toms ButtShield?

    ButtShield was created due to the need for something smoother and more sensitive for the "danger zones" on our bodies.

    ButtShield, formulated after 2Toms SportShield, contains Shea butter, Calendula extract and Horsetail Plant extract. Shea butter creates a softer feel, while Calendula & Horsetail Plant extracts are known to soothe the stinging that occurs with chafing and rashes.

    So although 2Toms SportShield will work in your danger zones, ButtShield was formulated for just this purpose in mind.


    Can I use 2Toms ButtShield on open wounds?

    No. 2Toms ButtShield works to prevent saddle sores and chafing. Although it is a very safe product, it should be used on closed, healthy skin. If the skin has such conditions as open sores, bleeding, rashes or any other, be sure those problems are cured before applying ButtShield.


    Is 2Toms ButtShield safe on all chamois?

    2Toms ButtShield is safe on both leather and synthetic chamois.


    Is 2Toms ButtShield safe for women?

    Yes. 2Toms ButtShield is for women as well as men. It is for external use only. For specific concerns, talk with your physician.


    How do I remove 2Toms ButtShield?

    2Toms ButtShield can be easily removed with hand wipes (ex. baby wipes) or soap and water.


    Is 2Toms ButtShield waterproof and sweatproof?

    Yes, ButtShield is waterproof and sweatproof.


    What are the ingredients in 2Toms ButtShield?

    ButtShield Ingredients:

    Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, Shea Butter, Calendula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Horestail Plant Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E


    Does 2Toms ButtShield have a scent?

    2Toms ButtShield does not have a scent.


    Does 2Toms ButtShield wear off? How long does it last?

    ButtShield can last 24 hours.