Tuli's® The X Brace® +PLUS


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Size Guide
Size Guide: The X Brace & The X Brace +PLUS

Tuli's® The X Brace® and The X Brace +PLUS™ is available in multiple sizes. Use the chart below to determine the correct X Brace size according to your U.S. shoe size.

To find the best support measure your arch circumference right below ball of foot and follow chart arch measurements below. 

Please Note: If your arch measurement is different from your shoe size select the appropriate size for your arch measurement. 

Size Chart:

Shoe Size (US) The X Brace & The X Brace +PLUS Size Arch
10 - 13.5 Youth (Only for The X Brace) 6.25" - 7.25"
1 - 4 X Small 7.25" - 8.25"
4.5 - 6.5 Small 8.25" - 9.25"
Shoe Size (US) The X Brace & The X Brace +PLUS Size Arch
4 - 5.5 X Small 7.25" - 8.25" 
6 - 8 Small 8.25" - 9.25"
8.5 - 10.5 Medium 9" - 10"
11 - 13 Large 10" - 11"
13.5 - 15.5 X Large 10.5" - 11.5" 
>15.5 2X Large  (Only for The X Brace) 11.5" - 12.5"
Shoe Size (US) The X Brace & The X Brace +PLUS Size  Arch
5 - 7 Small 8.25" - 9.25"
7.5 - 9.5 Medium 9" - 10"
10 - 12 Large 10" - 11"
12.5 - 14.5 X Large 10.5" - 11.5" 
15 - 17 2X Large  (Only for The X Brace) 11.5" - 12.5"

Children under the age of 16 that are wearing adult size shoes inevitably have a smaller arch.  If your child’s adult shoe size lands right on the edge of one of our adult sizes the smaller X Brace is usually the correct choice.

If you have an extremely wide or narrow foot and would like additional information about sizing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS is a simple yet highly effective elastic foot support. Its beauty and effectiveness lie in its ease of use, simplistic design, and incredible success in providing arch and heel support.

The X Brace +PLUS offers an added strap to ensure optimal position for all-day wear. No adjusting is necessary.  This design, similar to traditional taping, eliminates the need for expertise, time, and tape. Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS arch support reduces the strain on the plantar fascia by helping distribute the weight evenly across the foot.

  • Targeted support for the plantar fascia
  • Low-profile design with an additional strap
  • Comfortable to wear with any style of footwear

We recommend wearing The X Brace +PLUS initially for a few hours daily and gradually increasing up to 12 hours daily as needed. It may be worn during or after activities - with or without shoes or socks. Do not wear it while sleeping.

Why does my foot hurt when wearing the Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS?

There is a normal break-in period whenever a new The X Brace +PLUS is applied. The foot is very sensitive to touch, and pain can be present when new things apply pressure to the foot. The muscles of the foot are also sensitive and with The X Brace’s revolutionary concept of helping the foot to work better, these muscles can cramp if they are not used to performing as they should. If cramping/pain occurs, remove the brace immediately and give your foot 15 minutes rest, then return The X Brace +PLUS to your foot and resume activity.


Will the Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS fit in my shoe?

Absolutely. The Tuli's X Brace’s low-profile design will fit into any shoe or cleat, and is comfortable to wear with any kind of footwear, flip-flops and high heels included.


Why should I choose The Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS instead of a sole insert?

The Tuli's X Brace +PLUS offers the user something more than what the traditional treatments of foot pain, like a sole insert, ever could. An insert in your shoe provides increased padding and support for your foot, keeping your foot supported and molded correctly. The Tuli's X Brace +PLUS focuses its pressure on the connective tissues and tendons in the middle of your foot, because that’s where most foot pain originates. Another distinct advantage that The Tuli's X Brace +PLUS has is its compatibility. The X Brace +PLUS fits in any shoe, whether it’s a high heel or cross-trainer, and it can be taken with you from shoe to shoe or simply worn barefoot. This type of support gives you the assurance that whether you’re on your feet or off, your pain is being addressed.


How often should I replace my Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS?

It is estimated that The Tuli's X Brace +PLUS has approximately 200 hours of effective life before it will need to be replaced. If you’re using your X Brace +PLUS during everyday workouts (4 + hours in the gym per day, five days a week), we recommend having two pairs of braces that you can wear on alternating days. This will allow the elastic to dry out and recover completely before being worn again, extending the life of both pairs.


Can I wash the Tuli's The X Brace +PLUS?

We definitely recommend that you wash your Tuli's X Braces. If you’re rotating between two pairs, wash them once a week. Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle) in cold water with mild clothing detergent such as 2Toms StinkFree Sports Detergent and air dry.