Trusted for over 45 years, Tuli’s foot care products deliver powerful shock absorption to areas of the foot that need it most. Whether you’re needing Tuli’s heel cups, toe straighteners, or arch support insoles, this product line will bring you the maximum shock absorption, comfortable support, and relief for heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Sever’s Disease, heel spur, Achilles tendonitis and more. For long-lasting relief you can count on, browse our entire selection of Tuli’s foot care options today, as well as our shoe odor removers, blister treatment products, stretching and massage products.


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The Tuli’s Story

The foot is a complex structure, impeccably designed for balance and mobility. So when Medi-Dyne looked to deliver the best support available, we simply turned to nature. With Tuli’s® brand foot care products we’ve scientifically duplicated the shock-absorbing design naturally found in your feet to maximize shock absorption and keep the feet, knees, hips, and the back in alignment. Tuli’s® is the leading Podiatrist-recommended brand world-wide. Nothing works better or last longer than your Tuli’s®, Shock absorbers for your feet!



I was told by my orthopedic consultant that I have Plantar Fasciitis - quite badly as my foot was swollen. He referred me to a top sports physio who recommended the Heavy Duty Heel Cup. I was very skeptical as I'd tried other similar heel supports which added to the pain! As soon as I put these on I had instant relief and within a week I was doing long distance mountain walks! Thank you so much - I have my life back now!!

Rachel S

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