Tuli's Hammer RX™ Toe Straightener


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The Tuli’s® HammerRX toe straightener comfortably corrects and relieves minor cases of hammertoe. Designed by a world renowned foot and ankle surgeon, the Tuli’s HammerRX corrective support pulls the toe down to keep the toe extensor tendons straight, reducing hammertoe pain and irritation caused by shoes, corns, and calluses.

HammerRx consists of a soft, thin, and flexible toe strap and sleeve. The toe strap strategically loops around the toe for comfortable support. Its stretchy material creates the tension needed for a comfortable straightening of the toe.

Adjustable and Versatile Toe Strap

HammerRX's unique strap design allows you to adjust toe support and to straighten easily and comfortably. Use the HammerRx on any toe. The strap loops around your toe to encourage proper toe alignment. The soft-touch closures keep the strap and toe in place, preventing it from any movement as you walk.

Soft Cloth Material

The soft and flexible material of the HammerRX provides you with a natural feel with every step. The HammerRX is flexible and thin enough for all-day comfort

Wear with Most Shoe Styles and Sandals

The Tuli’s HammerRX can be worn with most shoe styles, sandals, and even barefoot due to its soft material and natural low-profile design. Use with or without socks.

How to wear the Tuli's HammerRx? 

Wear the HammerRx initially for a few hours per day and gradually increase for up to 12 hours per day as needed. May be worn during or after activities - with or without socks. 

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How to care for your Tuli's HammerRx? 

Hand wash with mild soap in warm water, rinse well and air dry. 


Is Tuli's HammerRx latex free? 

It is made of CR-Neoprene which is 100% latex free.