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To achieve the strength and flexibility that you desire while participating in jumper’s knee exercises, it is important to wear the gear that will protect and support your injured knee.

The Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap has been designed to reduce stress that is placed on the knee during jumper’s knee stretches, allowing you to achieve the desired results of reduced pain and increased healing. Jumper’s knee can limit the day to day activities that an individual can perform, and can also limit their athletic ability as well. When done properly, jumper’s knee exercises will help you to get back to better health.

Jumper’s Knee Stretches

Whether you’re learning how to prevent jumper’s knee, or if you already suffer from the condition and are looking for relief, the following are some common jumper’s knee stretches recommended by Medi-Dyne.
  • Shin Stretch – Lay with your back flat against the floor and your knees bent. Slowly raise one foot into the air and drape the StretchRite®over the ball of the foot. Holding the StretchRite® with your hands on each side, push upwards with the ball of your foot. You should feel a good stretch along the front of your shin.
  • Quad Stretch – Lay on your left side, extending the left arm above the head, and resting your head on the arm. Bend your right leg at the knee, as far back as you can go. Wrap the StretchRite® from one side of the right foot to the other and hold on to both sides of the handles with your right hand. Gently pull back on the handles, allowing a nice stretch in your quads.

How to Prevent Jumper’s Knee

Knowing how to prevent jumper’s knee can help you avoid a lot of pain and suffering. When you feel the initial pain during sports or other activities, stop what you are doing and ice the knee and surrounding area. Trying to play through the pain will only make the injury worse.

Participate in strengthening and flexibility exercises, such as those with the StretchRite®, to make the area more able to resist injury. In addition, do jumper’s knee stretches before and after you workout to make the muscles and tendons warm so they won’t tear.

Begin Today

Don’t wait to begin jumper’s knee exercises. Learn how to prevent jumper’s knee today with medically approved tools from Medi-Dyne. Call us at 1-800-810-1740 or 1-817-251-8660 and start today.

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