Tennis Elbow Exercises

lady holding elbow due to pain

Although you may not participate in the same types of exercises with tennis elbow as you did before, it is important that you keep your body moving in order to treat the condition and relieve the pain. Tennis elbow exercises can be very beneficial and will help you to get back to your regular routine quickly.

Tennis Elbow Stretches

There are a variety of stretches and exercises for tennis elbow that will alleviate some of your pain. Some tennis elbow exercises and stretches include:

  • Stretching Extensor Muscles – Stretch the entire arm straight out in front of the body, level with the shoulders, palm down. Point the entire hand downward. With the opposite hand, push on the back of the hand pointing downward to create a nice stretch extending across the top of the arm.
  • Stretching Flexor Muscles – Stretch the entire arm straight out in front of the body, level with the shoulders, palm facing up this time. Keep the fingers together and try to point them down at the ground. With the opposite hand, push down against the palm and feel the stretch extending along the underside of the arm.
  • Stretching Entire Arm – Behind your body, grip the StretchRite® with each hand. Pull it tight, keep your arms straight, and raise it up towards the ceiling.

Tennis Elbow Support

When participating in tennis elbow exercises, be sure to wear the Cho-Pat® Tennis Elbow Support. The support is designed to provide support during the exercises for tennis elbow to the tendons and muscles in the arm that have been overworked or strained. It provides compression to the area, allowing the user more duration to get through their exercises. In addition, vibration, stress, pain, and inflammation are all reduced when you wear the tennis elbow splint as a part of your exercise routine. As a bonus, it’s comfortable as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.