Swimmer's Elbow Exercises

Swimmer's Elbow Exercises

When you consider the amount of pain you are in with swimmer’s elbow, you may not want to participate in too many swimmer’s elbow exercises. It is important, however, to maintain a certain level of activity so that the stiffness does not get worse, and so that you can work out the muscles that are causing you problems. There are some swimmer’s elbow stretches and exercises that are completely safe if you suffer from the condition. They will help you to feel less pain, reduce inflammation, and get you back to your regular, every day activities.

Swimmer’s Elbow Stretches

Some of the swimmer’s elbow stretches and exercises that you can try for your painful condition include:
  • Focus on Strength – To relieve the pain that comes from swimmer’s elbow, strengthening exercises are recommended. Using the StretchRite® tool from Medi-Dyne, follow the instructions for the shoulder and back exercises. One such swimmer’s elbow exercise includes attaching one end of the StretchRite® to a closed door. Standing about two feet away from the door, facing away from it, hold the other end of the tool in your hand, with your arm raised to the square. Allow your body to slowly lean forward, using the StretchRite® as an anchor. Slowly pull yourself back to standing position and repeat.
  • Focus on Mobility – Stand facing a wall, with your toes touching the wall. Lift your arm up to the square and place the palm against the wall. Keep your arm against the wall and turn the opposite hip out, away from the wall. Hold for half a minute, return the hip to starting position, and try again.
  • Focus on Massage – It could really benefit someone with swimmer’s elbow to massage the injured area after doing stretches. Using the RangeRoller XL™, massage the back of the shoulder and down the back of the upper arm. This eliminates scar tissue and will reduce the amount of inflammation and pain you experience.

Getting Started

To get started with swimmer’s elbow exercises, contact Medi-Dyne today to learn more about RangeRoller XL™, StretchRite®, and other products that aide in swimmer’s elbow stretches. Call us at 800-810-1740 or 817-251-8660 and let’s get started.