10 Tips To Increase Productivity When Working from Home

woman working from home

In times of crisis and despair, it is difficult to maintain focus and tranquility. Those emotions can affect the quality of your performance. Recently, due to COVID-19, many employers made the decision to transition their employees to work a from home setting. Working from home can be a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing as you do not have to go out and commute through morning traffic. But it could be a curse as it could lead you toward complacency, which is counter-productive.

10 Tips To Increase Productivity Working at Home

Here is a list of ten tips on how to increase your level of productivity and beat the slackness that may come from working from home.

1. Set up your Space

You know your home more than anyone else. Finding a great space to set up your new office is crucial to being productive. Find the area of your home that allows you to feel comfortable for at least 8 hrs. of the day. Your office space must keep you away from any distractions and keep you motivated so that you can be as effective as possible.

2. Good Lighting

Natural light has the most positive impact on the human body. Sunlight creates an essential chemical and neurotransmitter called serotonin, which helps in boosting your mood in the most natural way possible.

It also helps improve focus. Although some spaces may not have a window nearby. Indirect light from lamps can also help to design an illuminated ambiance. The ultimate intention is to avoid casting shadows.

3. Dressing Up

It is very tempting to stay in your sleepwear since you are home and not going anywhere. However, it is essential to keep your morning routine just like another day at the office. Preparing in the morning turns your brain on for action and sets the boundary between discipline over attitude.

Your outfit choice is just as essential as waking up at the sound of the alarm early to preparing a cup of coffee and breakfast. Putting on shoes will trick the mind that you have somewhere to go and that you have to be up and ready.

4. Get Organized

When you organize, you are setting yourself up for success. The more you de-clutter each night, you are preparing yourself for a productive morning. Have a plan in place for your day to help stay focus and try to use mornings to tackle those most critical or time-consuming tasks. Having a plan every day will help you find success.

5. Plan Breaks

When working hard and being in the zone of your project, time will fly by. Make sure to know when to take a break. Taking at least five minutes every few hours helps reset, refresh, and refocus the mind. Set a timer to stretch your legs and prevent injuries by sitting in one place for too long.

6. Eliminate Distractions

Being at home, you will be more susceptible to distractions, that being kids, pets, family members, or roommates. One way to tackle distractions is to set ground rules during your working hours. Setting and enforcing boundaries will help to ease interruptions.

Keeping the TV off and work area noise-free will help your brain have the mindset you have at work. Your cellphone can be a double-edged sword. While you might need it for in-office calls, the temptation to check your phone will be there. Try keeping your phone out of arms reach or put it away!

7. Commit to Over-Achieve

As you already know, projects will always take time. No matter what the task is, it will take time. Be sure you give yourself enough time to complete your tasks. Finishing a task earlier than anticipated provides a sense of accomplishment and motivation to move on to the next task. Being efficient is the primary key, especially because when working from home, the stakes are even higher to keep the performance up.

8. Figure out Your Method

There are numerous ways to customize your environment to your advantage. Setting yourself up for success is the most important thing when working from home. Just like in the regular office, everyone has different ways of working.

Do you work better in silence, white noise, with Lo-Fi beats, a podcast? The good thing is that you are working from home, and you can experiment with different methods of organization, background sounds, different settings, etc. You can set yourself up to work the best you have ever worked before.

9. Separate Work and Being Off-Work

Just like being at the actual office, when it is time to leave, it is time to log off for the day. Find a good stopping point, and simply log off. You are home now and out for the day. Always being available can leave you burnt out and unmotivated for the next day. It is time to leave the office, and return tomorrow with fresh ideas to put on the table.

10. Be Grateful

During these difficult times, not everybody has the opportunity to work from home. So, take this opportunity and be the best you can be.

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