Tuli's® RoadRunners® Insoles


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Size Guide
Size Guide: Tuli's RoadRunners Insoles

Size Chart: US 

Shoe Size (US) Insole Size
5 - 7 Small 
8 - 9 Medium
10 - 12 Large
13 - 16 X-Large
 Shoe Size (US) Insole Size
3 - 5 Small
6 - 7 Medium
8 - 10 Large
11 - 14 X-Large


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Give your shoes and your performance a boost with RoadRunners® replacement insoles!

Tuli's® RoadRunners® deliver a premium replacement insole that actually stores and releases impact energy. By combining Tuli's® unique waffle design and a specially formulated polyurethane and Poron material, we created RoadRunners®, an insole that can actually improve physical performance while the built-in arch support stabilizer reduces fatigue and protects your feet and body from shock.

Arguably, these are the most comfortable and longest-lasting insoles on the market.

How much arch support do the Tuli's RoadRunners have?

The arch in the Tuli's RoadRunners is a slight soft arch, standard and comfortable for most feet.

Can I trim Tuli's RoadRunners to fit inside my shoe?

Yes, they can be trimmed for a better fit. Simply trace current shoe insole and cut with scissors.

Are the Tuli's RoadRunners used as replacement insoles?

They can be used as replacement insoles or can be placed on top of the original shoe insole. You will need to decide which is most comfortable.

Does my shoe size change with Tuli's RoadRunners?

Your shoe size typically does not change provided your shoes are already a comfortable fit. To be sure that both your foot and your orthotic have the space they need to do their job, go shoe shopping in the afternoon when your feet are more likely to be at their largest and take along your orthotics!