How to Improve & Increase Flexibility

If you are looking for a technique that will increase the overall mobility and health of your body, you will want to learn how to improve flexibility. Understanding how to improve flexibility will allow you to relieve tight or sore muscles, will condition your muscles to become stronger, and will allow you a greater range of mobility to participate in the activities you love.


As you participate in stretching and flexibility exercises, ensure that you wear the proper gear that will support and cushion your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Cho-Pat® and Tuli’s® are two brands that make the products you may need for proper support and cushioning during your workout.

Flexibility Exercises

Some common flexibility exercises that will increase your range of motion include some simple techniques with the StretchRite® Stretching Strap. The following are just a few of the flexibility exercises you can do with the StretchRite®:

  • Hamstrings/Lower Back – Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you and your knees locked. Point your toes straight up into the air. Wrap the StretchRite® stretching strap around the soles of both feet. Gently pull back on the handles, while leaning your body forward.
  • Shin – Lay with your back on the floor and your knees bent. Lift one leg up into the air. Wrap the StretchRite® stretching strap around the ball of the foot and push outward with the foot. Gently pull on the handles to provide resistance to the shin.
  • Shoulder/Chest – Stand with your arms down and extended behind you. Hold on to each handle of the StretchRite® stretching strap. While pulling outward, raise your arms up behind your back as far as you can reach.
  • Buttocks – Lay on the ground with your knees bent at a ninety degree angle and your feet in the air. Wrap the StretchRite® around one thigh. Cross the opposite foot over the first knee. Gently pull the StretchRite® toward the body.

In addition to these flexibility exercises, there are many others that you can perform on your own, without any tools, and that will allow you greater flexibility and mobility overall.

Products to Enhance Flexibility

  • StretchRite® Stretching Strap - The patended tool that makes stretching more effective, comfortable and fun! It is so effective that it is used by everyone from collegiate and professional athletes to arthritis sufferers and weekend gardeners.
  • CoreStretch® - Offers the most effective stretch of the lower back. Available for use in a physical therapist’s office, or for use at home, this delivers immediate relief for lower back pain as well as the stretches needed for healing.
  • ProStretch® Plus Adjustable Calf and Foot Stretcher - Calf and plantar fascia flexibility are critical to Achilles tendon health and healing. This product is proven effective to provide a deep, gradual stretch that increases flexibility. The ProStretch Plus is biomechanically engineered to enable a controlled and targeted stretch.
  • Nonagon Foam Roller - The textured 9-sided foam roller design with a solid EVA foam core connects with the fascia with precision and allows for a deeper, stable, and secure roll without lifting your entire body weight.
  • Hexi Foam Roller - It is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, and tiredness. Small and compact, the Hexi foam roller features a textured 6-sided design with a solid foam core and can be used just like a standard-sized roller.
  • Peanut Foam Roller -Is the ideal trigger point foam massage roller to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness and can be used on areas like your glutes, upper back, and shoulders.