Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common medical issue. Most people will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life, often requiring a visit to the doctor, but not necessarily every time. The good news is that understanding what some lower back pain causes and symptoms are can help you to seek the proper treatment. Please see our lower back pain exercises for helpful tools for pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Causes

There are many lower back pain causes, making lower back pain a very common issue. Some of the causes of lower back pain are unavoidable, but even if you already have lower back pain, taking immediate action and understanding the root cause will prevent further pain.
  • Muscle strains – Strains in the back muscles often occur when you lift a heavy object, make a sudden awkward move, or are not in shape for that type of lifting.
  • Arthritis– In some situations, osteoarthritis affects the lower back and can even lead to spinal stenosis.
  • Osteoporosis – If you suffer from osteoporosis, the weak bones can cause compression fractures of the spine, resulting in pain.
  • Excessive Weight – Overweight individuals tend to suffer more often from lower back pain symptoms than do those of a healthy weight, due to the extra pressure put on their bodies.


Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Many lower back pain symptoms go ignored because individuals do not understand that they are experiencing a symptom of a possibly larger issue. If you feel the symptoms of lower back pain, seek out a physician who can help you to find the treatment solutions. Some common lower back pain symptoms include:
  • Constant or random aching in the muscles of the lower back
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Pain that shoots from the hip down the leg
  • Limited flexibility of the back
  • Difficulty standing or sitting straight up
  • Bowel or bladder problems
  • Throbbing in the abdomen


Lower Back Pain Treatment

    Long-Term Healing


    • CoreStretch™ – It offers the most effective stretch of the lower back. Available for use in a physical therapist’s office, or for use at home, this delivers immediate relief for lower back pain.


    • Type A+ Massage Roller- It uses two different gear types that allow you to choose whether your massage feels soft or pinpoint to give you the pain relief you’ve been craving.
    • Nonagon Foam Roller - The textured 9-sided foam roller design with a solid EVA foam core connects with the fascia with precision and allows for a deeper, stable, and secure roll without lifting your entire body weight.
    • Knot Bad Massage Cane - has five massage knobs on the shaft and is the ideal tool for releasing myofascial trigger points for a deep tissue massage. Use the Knot Bad cane massager to massage your shoulders, upper back, and lower back.
    • Peanut Foam Roller- Is the ideal trigger point foam massage roller to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness and can be used on areas like your glutes, upper back, and shoulders.
    • Hexi Foam Roller -It is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, and tiredness. Small and compact, the Hexi foam roller features a textured 6-sided design with a solid foam core and can be used just like a standard-sized roller.