The X Brace's patented "X" design, mimicking the effectiveness of Low-Dye taping, eases tension and stress placed on the plantar fascia keeping it from stretching excessively and causing significant pain. 


I have worn the X Brace for the last couple weeks and have absolutely no pain in my feet. I have had planter fasciitis for at least 10 years and this brace is amazing. For years I have worn inserts which worked great for the tennis shoes and flats however when wearing sandals I was not able to wear the inserts. My feet would then hurt. Now I put that X Brace on with sandals and I can walk all over the place without any pain at all.

Deb K

I am a nurse and on my feet a lot. My feet are often sore and ache badly. I have tried different shoes, differnent insoles and so many other things to help my feet. I have not found anything that has worked as good as this brace. The brace is easy to put on, it is not really noticeable while waering and it does wonders. Since I have been using the brace my feet are not as sore, I can take fewer breaks at work and actually do things after work. All and all, I am impressed and would recommend the brace


Life saver! If you have plantar fascitis, you need this! It truly helps by limiting the amount of stretching the ligament can do, which really cuts down on the pain. The X Brace Is so comfortable and provides great arch support. I found it easy to put on and take off and it fits easily into all of my shoes. I work 12 hour shifts, so I really put this to the test!