2Toms® BlisterShield® Blister Prevention Packets, 6-Pack


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2Toms BlisterShield Bister Prevention powder formula creates an almost frictionless surface on foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. BlisterShield Single-Use Packets are perfect for on the go!

Runners' World UK named 2Toms BlisterShield as 2018 Gear of the Year!

Stops blisters before they start. 2Toms BlisterShield's remarkable silky powder repels moisture, keeping skin dry and blister-free for lengthy periods of activity.

Why is BlisterShield Different?

  • Targets the Friction that Causes Blisters
  • All Day Protection With Single Application
  • Waterproof, Won’t Melt
  • Non-Staining, Non-Greasy
  • Works Immediately

Ideal for: Shoes, Boots, and Gloves

Commonly Use: To prevent blisters from walking, running, yard work, sports, and more

For best results, wash and thoroughly dry feet before applying BlisterShield. Wiping alcohol between toes after drying also helps reduce moisture. Empty half of one packet in each sock and shake socks to spread the powder evenly. For added blister protection, apply additional BlisterShield on specific trouble spots.

Includes: 6 Travel Size Single-Use Packets

Made in the U.S.A.

How does 2Toms BlisterShield work?

BlisterShield creates a frictionless moisture barrier on your skin leaving it dry and blister free. BlisterShield allows sweat to escape and prevents moisture from penetrating the barrier.


How do I use 2Toms BlisterShield?

Drop 1 teaspoon of 2Toms BlisterShield into socks, shoes or gloves before any activity. Shake shoe, glove or sock to eliminate any clumps that may have formed. For travel or races, we recommend purchasing 2Toms BlisterShield Single Use Packets. 2Toms BlisterShield is designed for external use only.


Can I use 2Toms BlisterShield to treat blisters or open wounds?

2Toms BlisterShield is formulated to prevent blisters. If it was not used before the activity and a blister has developed, treat the condition as suggested by your physician. It should be used on closed, healthy skin.


How do I remove 2Toms BlisterShield?

2Toms BlisterShield is easily removed with hand wipes (ex. baby wipes) or soap and water.


Is BlisterShield for feet and hands?

2Toms BlisterShield is suitable for both feet and hands. However, when using BlisterShield to protect your hands, it is best used inside gloves.


Does 2Toms BlisterShield become a paste if wet?

2Toms BlisterShield is talc-free and will not clump or become a paste. It creates a frictionless barrier on your skin while still allwoing you to sweat.


What are the ingredients in 2Toms BlisterShield?