Essential Ankle Solution

Essential Ankle Solution 

Ankle sprains happen when the foot twists, rolls or turns beyond the norm.  This causes the ligaments to stretch beyond their normal range in an abnormal position.  If the force is too great, you may tear the ligaments and experience pain and swelling.

Get Immediate Relief

When you’re in pain what you really want is relief

Achieve Long Term Healing

Often immediate relief is only part of the solution.

That’s why Stretching, Strengthening, and often Massaging provide the long-term solution that will keep you pain free and at peak performance.

Essential Ankle Solution includes the essentials for immediate relief and long term healing:

Step 1:  Immediate Relief


Cho-Pat® Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve
Helps alleviate pain caused by tendonitis, ligament weakness, instability, arthritis, and overuse syndromes.

  •       Stabilizes and provides supportto the ankle tendons and ligaments.
  •       Promotes circulation and warmth which enhances healing.
  •       Easy-on, Easy-off DesignTM minimizes discomfort.

Step 2:  Long-Term Healing 


ProStretch Plus®
Flexibility and strength of the calf and plantar fasciia are critical to ankle performance.

  •       Proven effective to provide a deep, gradual stretch that increases flexibility.


  •       Biomechanically engineered to enable a controlled and targeted stretch.


  •       Preferred by athletes, trainers, and physical therapists for over 20 years.