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Featherweight Peanut Foam Roller, Large


UPC 038016022082

The Featherweight Peanut Foam Roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness and tightness by sitting, leaning, or rolling in areas like your glutes, upper back, and shoulders. 

The Featherweight Peanut is a combination of our original Peanut with the technology and design behind our Featherweight Roller.

Peanut Shape Recovery

Like the Peanut, the Featherweight Peanut foam roller can be used all over the body whether you sit, lean, or roll on it. Its unique peanut-shaped design that allows the roller to get into targeted areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, such as the groin area, providing a deep tissue massage.

Ultra-Light & Durable EPP Foam

This foam roller is designed with a lightweight and firm EPP solid foam core that’s durable, giving the massager an overall smoother and more pleasurable roll.


  • This full-body roller is made with a feather-light material that makes it a breeze to handle.
  • It's easy to carry and use on most muscles, making it ideal for travel and being on-the-go.
  • Measures: 9.13" Length x 4.63" Wide x 4.75" Height