Terminator Massage Cane


You Save 45% ($9.00)
You Save 45% ($9.00)

UPC 00038016023065

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The ProStretch Terminator massage cane is the ideal tool for releasing myofascial trigger points for an aggressive deep tissue massage. The spiked ball on the end of the tool is perfect for targeting knotted muscles and pressure points, helping to relieve tight muscles for an overall secure massage.

Extended Reach Arch Design 

This ultimate massage tool features an arch design that allows the multi-point head to dig into those hard-to-reach neck, shoulder, and back muscles, helping to relieve both knots and tight muscles simultaneously so you can get the relief you’re looking for.

Quality & Durability 

This massage tool features a durable and grabbable thermoplastic grip on the end of the stick, providing a stable and secure massaging experience so you can get more out of your massage.

Ultra-Light & Portable

  • This spiked massage stick makes self-massaging easy.
  • Its dense-flexible plastic is easy to move with your body and transport for those on-the-go.
  • Measures: 16" Length x 7.50" Wide