Type B+ Handheld Massage Roller


UPC 00038016021047

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The ProStretch Type B+ handheld massage roller relieves muscle tightness and soreness. It is designed to be used one-handed or with both hands depending on your desired intensity. Use the Type B+ massage roller on your quads and other lower extremities for the ultimate massage experience. 

Enhanced Comfort & Therapy

The soft density, blue gear Skin Surface Technology (SST) design allows the massage gear to accurately connect with the skin and fascia, giving a softer, gentler, and more tactile feel to your muscle massage.

Add the Type B+ to your warm-up or cooldown routine. It’s also ideal to use before and after exercise or physical therapy.

Versatile, Lightweight, & Portable Design

This muscle knot remover features a lightweight construct and compact form. This easily portable roller is easy to grab and works great for athletes on-the-go.


  • The Type B+ handheld Massage Roller is 6.69 inches in length  
  • Includes 2 gears with soft density Surface Skin Technology (SST)