Ankle Sprain Exercises

Illustration of an ankle sprain

Post-injury physical therapy may be prescribed by your doctor based on the severity of your injury. Whether done at home or with a physical therapist, these exercises are likely to include ankle strengthening exercises as well as calf and hamstring stretching.

Ankle Sprain Exercises

Range-of-motion exercises can be done immediately after an ankle sprain occurs and are important to the healing process. These can be done while sitting down, but make sure to place ice on your ankle immediately after.

  • Try tracing the alphabet with your toe one to three times.
  • While sitting and keeping your foot flat on the ground while slowly moving your knee side to side.

Once pain begins to subside, it is important to begin stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure a full recovery as well as injury prevention. Then, once you are heeled, you can perform balance exercises. Be sure to ask your physical therapist when the appropriate time to begin each phase of exercise is.

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