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If you are looking for relief from wrist pain, you have come to the right place. Wrist pain exercises are some of the easiest stretches and exercises you can do. They can be done in a chair, in your bed, standing, or sitting. No matter where you are, if you have a few spare minutes during the day, you can do your wrist pain exercises and begin to take those smaller steps back to better health.

When participating in wrist pain stretches or exercises, ensure that you are doing it properly by wearing a wrist support. The product is designed to provide support while you participate in stretching and exercising so that no further injury or pain will occur. While wearing the wrist support, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments will be protected.

Wrist Pain Stretches

The following are some wrist pain stretches that are fast and easy:

  • Prayer Stretch – Press your palms together in front of your chest, elbows pointing outwards, in a prayer formation. Lower your wrists until you feel a stretch in your wrists. Hold for twenty seconds, release, and repeat for ten repetitions.
  • Tennis Ball Squeeze – Pick up a tennis ball in the palm of your hand. Wrap your fingers around it and squeeze it with all your might. Hold for ten seconds, release, and repeat ten times.
  • Wrist Stretch – Rest your arm on a table, desk, or other similar surface, with your hand hanging off the edge. Bend your wrist slowly so that your fingers point upwards, then downwards, repeating ten times for each hand.
  • Flex and Extend – Hold a light dumbbell or other similar object in your hand, wrapping your fingers around it. Raise your arm straight out in front of you with the palm facing upward. Slowly bend the wrist upward, toward your body and hold for ten seconds. Bend it back down and continue to bend until you can’t move it any further. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat five times for each hand.

Getting Started

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